Our Guarantee

First 30 Days after Installation

Satisfaction Guarantee

Our design consultants bring the showroom to you and work in collaboration with you to find the right window fashions for your style and needs. If for any reason you don't love the choices you made, just give us a call within 30 days of installation and we will work with you until you are satisfied and provide you a 50% discount on any replacement products.

Up to 365 Days from Installation

In-home/office Repair or Replacement Guarantee

If a defect occurs in your blinds or shades between 30 and 365 days of installation, we will remove, repair, or replace (at our option), and reinstall your blind or shade at no cost to you.
If we are able to repair the product in your home or office, we will do so. If we are unable to complete the repair in your home or office, we will return the product to our facility to repair or replace it and re-install the product in your home or office at no cost to you.

366 Days and Beyond

If a defect occurs in your Stoneside blinds or shades after one year from the date of installation, you may return the defective product to us for warranty repair or replacement. Stoneside will determine if it is more effective to repair or to replace the product. If you would like Stoneside to remove, ship, and reinstall the product, please contact us for pricing.
Our warranty covers defects in material and workmanship for the following items and times:
  • As long as you own the blinds or shades:
    • Internal components
  • Up to 3 years from installation:
    • PVC Vertical Vanes
    • Faux Wood Slats
  • Up to 5 years from installation:
    • Motors and remote controls
    • Internal and external cords and ladders
  • Up to 7 years from installation:
    • Fabrics, materials, and real-wood slats
  • Items not covered:
    • Abuse, accidents, or alterations of the product
    • Exposure to the elements (sun damage, wind, water/moisture)
    • Some loss of color intensity or discoloration after extended direct exposure to the sun
    • Installation or modification by someone other than a Stoneside installation technician
    • Minor warpage on real-wood slats
    • Any conditions caused by normal wear and tear
All guarantees and warranties extend to the original purchaser only and are non-transferable.
Call 877-340-0158 for assistance on any item under warranty.