1/2" Double Cell

A selection of 22 Twin Cell fabrics adding warmth and beauty to your windows.
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Twin Cell Spun Lace

Durable and reliable even in intense sunlight, our Cellular Shades retain their rich colors, provide privacy, dampen sound and save energy.



  • Buy direct from the manufacturer - Stoneside
  • You buy from the middleman
  • Custom made and supported by Stoneside

  • Manufactured by and supported through third parties
  • Crafted from plush spun lace fabric

  • Made from low quality "paper like" fabric
  • White fabric to outside provides uniform look
  • Colored fabric to outside
  • Widths up to 120" wide
  • Maximum width of 96" or less
  • Custom made in the USA
  • Manufactured in other countries
  • Fabrics made in America
  • Fabrics made in other countries
  • Limited lifetime guarantee
  • Most only commit to 30 days
Light Blocking:
CS00080|1/2" Double Cell Spun Lace Pumice|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Medium CS00085|1/2" Double Cell Essentials Smoke T04-208|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Medium CS00072|1/2" Double Cell Spun Lace Bright White|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Medium CS00071|1/2" Double Cell Essentials Snow T04-503|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Medium CS00076|1/2" Double Cell Spun Lace Alabaster|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Medium CS00074|1/2" Double Cell Essentials Linen  T04-562|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Medium CS00075|1/2" Double Cell Essentials Buttercream T04-701|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Medium CS00078|1/2" Double Cell Spun Lace Buff|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Medium CS00079|1/2" Double Cell Essentials Oatmeal T04-707|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Medium CS00081|1/2" Double Cell Essentials Ginger T04-708|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Medium CS00086|1/2" Double Cell Spun Lace Ivy|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Medium CS00077|1/2" Double Cell Essentials Biscuit T04-806|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Medium CS00073|1/2" Double Cell Essentials Pure White T04-807|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Medium CS00688|1/2" Double Cell Classic Beechwood F15.955|100% Polyester|Solid|Medium CS00692|1/2" Double Cell Classic Chocolate Bliss F15.697|100% Polyester|Solid|Medium CS00690|1/2" Double Cell Classic Honeysuckle F15.948|100% Polyester|Solid|Medium CS00685|1/2" Double Cell Classic Porcelain F15.401|100% Polyester|Solid|Medium CS00691|1/2" Double Cell Classic Pristine Beach F15.620|100% Polyester|Solid|Medium CS00687|1/2" Double Cell Classic Soft Linen F15.627|100% Polyester|Solid|Medium CS00686|1/2" Double Cell Classic Star Magnolia F15.951|100% Polyester|Solid|Medium CS00689|1/2" Double Cell Classic Sunbeam F15.949|100% Polyester|Solid|Medium CS00712|1/2" Double Cell Soft Touch Blonde Oak T04.519|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Medium CS00714|1/2" Double Cell Essentials Sandrift T04.762|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Medium CS00713|1/2" Double Cell Essentials Toffee T04.170|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Medium CS00715|1/2" Double Cell Essentials Water T04-765|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Medium CS00680|1/2" Double Cell Textured Almond Glaze F25.647|100% Polyester|Solid|Medium CS00683|1/2" Double Cell Textured Brown Sugar F25.648|100% Polyester|Solid|Medium CS00681|1/2" Double Cell Textured Fresh Toffee F25.645|100% Polyester|Solid|Medium CS00684|1/2" Double Cell Textured Garden Sage F25.651|100% Polyester|Solid|Medium CS00679|1/2" Double Cell Textured Jasmine Wisp F25.643|100% Polyester|Solid|Medium CS00678|1/2" Double Cell Textured Mountain Mist F25.642|100% Polyester|Solid|Medium CS00682|1/2" Double Cell Textured Pumpkin Pie F25.649|100% Polyester|Solid|Medium CS00677|1/2" Double Cell Textured Sugar Cane F25.641|100% Polyester|Solid|Medium CS01020|1/2" Double Cell Textured Crepe Souffle F25-644|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Medium CS01021|1/2" Double Cell Textured Golden Sunrise F25-646|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Medium CS01023|1/2" Double Cell Textured Ocean View F25-655|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Medium CS01022|1/2" Double Cell Textured Russet Blend F25-650|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Medium CS01043|1/2" Double Cell Classic Bamboo F15-989|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Medium CS01037|1/2" Double Cell Classic Clay F15-622|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Medium CS01040|1/2" Double Cell Classic Mushroom F15-908|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Medium CS01035|1/2" Double Cell Classic Passion Sunset F15-607|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Medium CS01042|1/2" Double Cell Classic Silver Birch F15-977|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Medium CS01036|1/2" Double Cell Classic Tranquil Tea F15-611|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Medium CS01039|1/2" Double Cell Classic Warm Cocoa F15-698|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Medium CS01041|1/2" Double Cell Classic White Azalea F15-952|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Medium CS01038|1/2" Double Cell Classic Fudge Truffle F15-625|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Medium CS01081|1/2" Double Cell Essentials Deep Silver T04-722|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Medium CS01084|1/2" Double Cell Essentials Storm T04-764|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Medium CS01082|1/2" Double Cell Essentials Fudge T04-755|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Medium CS01083|1/2" Double Cell Essentials Salsa T04-761|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Medium CS01080|1/2" Double Cell Essentials Sienna Sand T04-519|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Medium