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Dec 4, 2018
Let me just say that Melanie LeFur has made me feel like the Queen of Sheba with the shades she helped me find for my townhouse. Melanie actually came to OHSU (where I was awaiting a friend's emergence from surgery after having his shoulder rebuilt) and met me in the hospital lobby toting her gargantuan set of samples. (This warrior doesn't need Crossfit!) As we sifted through the choices, I wanted something more "glam" with more "bling" and more "sparkle." (sigh...I do miss LA...) and after paging through hundreds of beige offerings (stop it, America...just stop it), we found it...Anthracite in the Pizzazz line (natch) of Transitional Shades. Glittering like a beacon in the night sans disco music, I knew I HAD to have it in my house. I took out a line of credit so big I could have bought Studio 54 itself..oh and Melanie helped with that too. She told me that sometimes we have to suffer for, no wait...that was my Mother (R.I.P.) I decide to add motorization to the order and Melanie kicked in a sweetener to remind me that even though these shades will impoverish me, I can still be fabulous. "Luxe" she called it. The deal is signed and she places the order. Joe Bach appears at my door shortly after the order is placed - think New York, soft spoken and nice, REAL nice - like- a-cannoli nice. He measures my place to within an inch of its life and says (darkly), "You will receive a call from scheduling." Scheduling calls and sets an appointment for exactly one month later. And then...I wait. A month goes by and I live in full view flagrante view of my new neighborhood - often unapologetically dancing the Seven Veils in my birthday suit to entertain the sonorous suburbanites. And then the day arrives... Joe comes bearing gifts of fabric and machinery! He expertly installs them; fine tunes them and even allows me to design the automation. He explains every little protrusion and piece and I feel more educated about blinds than ever before. Joe has forgotten more about blinds and shades than any of us even KNOW! I suffer arrhythmia when he says those magic words, "Where do you want to set your 'favorite' setting?" I don't know. I panic. I sweat. I ask him what he thinks and he shows me what "most people get." Most people!? Doesn't he know who I am?!! Ahem, sorry...Joe does this with a smile and not a small peppering of glee. Regaling me with stories of his daughter using the iPhone app to scare him by opening his shades remotely when he's home alone. This New Yorker smiled...A LOT. Joe is at my house for exactly 3.5 hours (which he had predicted) and trains me on how to use them and what to expect. "Will they tell me I'm a good person?," I ask. "Will these blinds love me more than my father did (not hard)?" I plead. They are certainly more expensive than his funeral, but I digress. Joe mounts the remote on the wall and departs with a swift grip on his ladder. And then...I fail. In a swish of pretentiousness, I decide to present them to my roommate. One of the shades does not open. The remote doesn't work. The buttons fail. Things darken. Donald Trump must be near. In a tizzy, I text Melanie at 9:00pm asking what to do and how can this be and where did everyone screw up and...and...and...she calmly texts that all will be solved tomorrow. And so it was. Joe magically calls the next morning and comes over and fixes everything. I had the remote mounted too far from the receivers. Operator error! He fixes that and fixes other noises and makes calls to other installers to get best practices. (They speak a dialect few understand...) And just like that...I am the Queen of Sheba; El Rey de la Selva; Oprah. My shades are perfect. Today I sit on my throne(s) and open and close them with a perverse sense of entitlement. "Why doesn't everyone have these??!", I think. The reason? Everyone doesn't have Stoneside. Thank you Melanie and Joe.
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