Chicago's Top Interior Design Trends

The city may be known for its blustery weather, but Chicago’s interior design trends for 2020 are all about creating warm, inviting spaces. There’s a distinctive flair to these style statements, which makes sense—this is a metropolis known for its architectural character and unique design sensibility. Interiors here—whether in architecturally historic Oak Park, family-friendly Beverly, or lakefront South Shore or Uptown—can be beautifully sophisticated, yet never stodgy or imposing. These liveable spaces draw you in. Try one or two of these new interior design trends in Chicago if you’re ready to refresh your home. One easy way to take the plunge with something new is by incorporating a new design trend into your window treatments. The right set of shades, blinds, or drapery can transform any room in exciting ways, especially when your window coverings are custom designed for you.

Color—and Lots of It

White or neutral palettes have been all the rage. It’s not surprising that the pendulum is swinging back towards color. You can fully saturate a room with bold, eye-catching hues (greens and vibrant yellows or oranges are especially popular right now) in paint or wallpaper, or you can branch out more gradually, by adding a pop of color with accessories such as a throw pillow or stunning artwork. With your window treatments, an innovative way to add color to a room is with Roman shades, which can be crafted in an elegant, and brightly hued fabric. However you approach color, you should do it with care, building a cohesive palette that evokes the mood you’re trying to achieve with your design. The artful use of color is definitely one of the popular interior design styles in Chicago right now.

Get Back to Nature

Chicago is one of the world’s major urban cities, but that doesn’t mean your interiors can’t have a pastoral touch. One of the top interior design styles in 2020 weaves natural elements into your home. Especially on trend is the use of natural woods that lend warmth to a space. Your first instinct may be to incorporate blond or light-colored woods such as beech or pine, but don’t shy away from darker woods, just like you’d find out in nature. Opt for wood or faux wood blinds, which can be custom stained to get just the shade you want. Lovely greenery is also a must, whether you use real plants or, if you don’t have a green thumb, the fake kind. Finally, place natural woven baskets strategically around a room—they fit the design trend, plus you get some extra storage space.


Embrace Heavy Metal

If you want to increase the glam quotient of your decor, one of Chicago’s trending interior design styles emphasizes metallics. Rich gold, sleek silver, lustrous bronze—choose one that speaks to your personal taste or try a judicious combination of two or three of them. Perhaps you’ll use a metallic vase or a fabric with shots of gold or silver thread running through it. You can also select drapery rods and hardware with an elegant metal finish, paired with panels in a complementary color. It’s a window treatment trend that instantly elevates a room.

Statement-Making Pieces

If your room is in need of a focal point that draws the eye, consider adding a dramatic design accessory. One way to stay on top of Chicago’s interior design trends is by adding this critical element. An oversized, breathtaking chandelier would work wonderfully, or group pendant lights together for a unique look. An intricately patterned rug in vivid hues, perhaps placed in front of a fireplace, creates a visually pleasing tableau. You can also look for one-of-a-kind pieces that add freshness to your design—shop galleries or art fairs for an oversized painting or fine-art photo, or invest in pottery handcrafted by a local artisan. If you want your window treatments to support, and not detract from, this focal point, roller shades in a neutral pattern will serve as a lovely backdrop that creates harmony, not chaos.


Add Interesting Texture and Pattern

Along with color, textures and patterns add an extra layer of visual interest to a room. Many popular interior design styles in Chicago use these elements in exciting ways to pull a room together. The great thing about this trend is that there are endless ways to add patterns or textures, many of which are included in the other top trends for 2020. Finely grained wood, silky plants, patterned rugs, furniture upholstered in a nubby or buttery-soft fabric—there are so many possibilities open to you. Don’t forget to look at shades in a textured material or transitional shades with a signature zebra-stripe pattern.

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