Stoneside Custom Window Treatments Help Create an Indoor-Outdoor Living Environment

Creating an Indoor-Outdoor Living Environment with Proper Window Treatments

Using the outdoor area as an extension of your living space has become more coveted. It makes your house feel bigger, more versatile, brighter and it brings more excitement to the space.

Making sure you have the right window treatments for this environment is important both for practicality and efficiency as well as style.

Let’s take a look at what you need to pay attention to when selecting window treatments to make the transition between indoors and outdoors more seamless and inviting.


When working with outdoor spaces, the durability of the material is a high priority. Outdoor conditions are rougher and will easily damage the material that isn’t made for it. Both the material and the mechanism have to endure different climates such as rain, wind, or harsh sun.

You are in luck! Today’s window treatments are made more durable while also giving you better design options. You don’t have to choose between a sturdy design and a stylish look anymore.

Here are some durable options for you:

Olefin Fabric is a great choice for durable outdoor curtains and drapes that can also be used indoors. This synthetic solution is easy to clean, UV resistant, and won’t break your bank when shopping for outdoor window treatments. Mostly, it will give an upscale look to your interior as well as your exterior patio. You can also use the same fabric and patterns to make outdoor cushions to give the space an extra touch.

Stoneside Custom Fabrics are Durable and Stylish

Faux Wood Blinds are also a go-to as they are highly durable while giving you a warm, natural look. If you want more than just the natural look but also are looking for a natural material, Bamboo Blinds are made for you. They offer you an earthy look while being durable, easy to clean, and providing privacy and protection against the UV. They make a great transition between your indoor and outdoor space.

Stoneside Faux Wood Blinds are Durable and Stylish

Solar Shades are another ideal solution for a seamless indoor-outdoor living transition. We particularly love the versatility that solar shades offer. You can select different styles and colors to really make it yours.


Maintaining a consistent look from indoors to outdoors is key to create a more inclusive and coherent look. Don’t treat these two spaces as different but instead as complementing each other. Think about your color palette, the material used, the style for the window treatments but also the furniture. Stay consistent throughout the spaces.

Privacy & Lights:

When purchasing your window treatments, think about how much privacy you will need. When we work with outdoor space, creating extra privacy might be something high on your list and your window treatments can help you do that. Make sure to really understand the space you are working with and what your needs are. Take also into consideration the amount of light you want to let in. Are you fully exposed to the sun? Then you will probably want higher protection. Are you more in a shaded, darker area? Then you will want to be mindful to let a fair amount of light in and not block it all off. Light filtering curtains are a great idea to still provide you with natural daylight while diffusing the harsh sunlight and block the UV. Adding liners to your curtains can help you better control the amount of light coming in as well.

Space Divider:

Many houses have now a more open-plan design which brings a lot of space and room but can lack coziness. To make it flow better into the house but also to connect your indoor area to your outdoor space adding sheer curtains might be just what you need. They provide a sophisticated look to the house while helping you create more intimate corners. You can add additional liners to the sheer curtains for extra privacy, especially during nighttime when the lights are on and you can easily see through.