How Automated Blinds Keep Your Family Safe

When designing your home, there’s one factor even more important than style: safety. As much as you want your home to look fantastic, every choice you make needs to account for how it will affect the security of you and your family. They say the best offense is a good defense, and the best way to keep your mind at ease about home safety is to ensure you’re always prepared.

Threats to home safety are both internal and external: fires, falling, choking, and carbon monoxide are some of the most common hazards within, while break-ins and theft can come from outside. Of course, there are some easy and obvious ways to promote home safety: smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, home security alarm systems, and security cameras. But there are other elements that can affect security beyond the obvious, including some design decisions that can help bolster your family’s safety. Depending on the ages of those living in your home, there are ideal ways to light and organize a home and certain carpets and furniture you may want to avoid. Another safety factor many homeowners don’t consider is window treatments.

In addition to decorating your windows and controlling light and climate, window treatments can be powerful tools for protecting your home from certain dangers. But they’re not all equal when it comes to adding security: the window treatments with the best security perks are automated blinds and shades. Automated blinds are motorized, so they can be opened and closed without handling them directly - either with a remote, wall switch, or smartphone. When these motorized coverings are automated, they can be scheduled to open and close at various times of the day or based on other activities in the home automation system. Here are a few ways automated blinds can help keep your family safe.

Keeps kids and pets safe from dangling cords.

While the right window treatment can be a boon to safety, the wrong one can actually increase the likelihood of accidents. Window blinds that have dangling cords can present a serious hazard in homes with children and pets, who can get tangled or accidentally pull down blinds from the window. Replacing these types of blinds with cordless window treatments can help prevent injury. Automated blinds and shades keep children even safer since parents can control them remotely and discreetly, so children won't be tempted to play with them.

Make windows part of your daily safety routine.

It’s smart to develop regular habits of securing your home whenever you leave it. Locking all doors, closing windows, and turning on your home security system are key steps you should take every time you’re going to be away, however briefly. Modern home automation systems can help make these habits easier by triggering themselves every time devices sense your departure, or you can trigger them with your phone or voice. Smart locks will automatically lock all doors, alarm systems can activate, and automated blinds and shades will close to prevent visibility while you’re gone, all in one simple step. With automated blinds, doors, and alarms you won’t have to worry anymore if you forgot to close the back door or if you left the kitchen window uncovered.

Keep your home active when you’re away.

When you’re away from home for an extended period of time, there are certain precautions you take to not make it obvious to any passersby. For example, you may ask a friend or neighbor to get your mail so it doesn’t pile up and signal your absence. Automated blinds or shades can help you add to the equation by scheduling them to open and close a few times a day, as they’d be if you were home, to simulate activity in the home to anyone who may be looking. Depending on your automation system, you can schedule it in advance for the entire time you’re away, and let your mind rest easy to enjoy the time off.

Home safety is an important factor no matter where you live, and it’s a good idea to plan ahead and think through how you can tweak your home to keep you and your family secure year-round. There are many things you need to do in order to achieve this, and smart window treatments can help add to any home safety strategy. For more information on automated blinds and shades, and all the ways they can enhance your home, contact one of our experts today and set up a free in-home consultation.