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Reduce Your Energy Bills and Keep Your Home Warm with the Right Window Treatments

The days are getting shorter and colder. The blankets are out, and you have been relying on the heater already more than you had wished for. At times, your house even seems to be colder indoors than the actual temperature outdoors. Rest assured, cranking up the heater is not your only solution to spend a comfortable and cozy winter.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, 25 to 30% of residential heating and cooling energy is lost through our windows. In other words, by updating your window treatments and making sure heat can’t escape that easily, your house will start feeling warmer and your energy bill lighter right away.

Let’s look at the best window treatment options to help you spend the winter comfortably.

The good news: efficient window treatments for the winter will also be beneficial for the summertime. While it keeps the warm air inside on colder days, it will help keep the hot air out on warmer days. Updating your window treatments is a year-round investment you won’t regret!

1. What are the best window treatments for insulation?

There are many different window treatments. If your goal is insulation, here are our recommendations.

Cellular Shades Hands down the most energy-efficient window treatments are the cellular shades. Also called honeycomb shades, they have two or more layers creating an air pocket between the window and the rest of the room. It will keep your home warm during the winter and cold during the summer months.

They form a horizontal pattern that can be a part of your interior design. You also have the opportunity to go cordless if you do not want to have a string hanging out from your shades.

What we love about cellular shades:

They are both energy-efficient and versatile. They come in all sorts of colors and fabric to fit your tastes.

Stoneside Cellular Shades

Shutters or Wood Blinds

Shutters and wood blinds are reliable solutions made from wood that have been around for a long time due to their energy-efficient capacity. They help keep your house safe, warm and add a nice feeling of privacy. Shutters help trap the air and insulate the house as they fit the windows tightly. Made with wood, wood blinds also create extra privacy.

They bring value to the house with a nice aesthetic and style.

Both exterior shutters and interior wood blinds are a great way to insulate your house.

What we love about shutters and wood blinds:

That extra wood layer helps make the space feel more cozy and private. It adds a strong statement to your house.

Stoneside Wood Blinds
Stoneside Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds

If you have large glass doors or windows, vertical blinds might just be what you are looking for. Those big glass windows are often energy-inefficient leaking heat during winter days and letting hot air comes through during the summer. Vertical blinds can help you solve that problem.

They also come in different materials such as fabric, wood, vinyl, and aluminum making them more versatile.

What we love about vertical blinds:

They provide privacy when completely shut and block the light to come in. You can incorporate them into your design as they will become a big part of your interior

Roman shades

Roman shades can be found in different materials, even wood or bamboo. When made with thick insulating fabric, they provide both style and comfort. The wide variety of colors and fabrics to choose from make it the perfect addition to your home while helping you keep your home warm. Depending on the style of your home, you can go for a very modern and minimal look or a more traditional one. Motorized shades are available for extra comfort.

What we love about roman shades:

The way they fold gives a modern look to the room. It doesn’t get messy when opening them as some other shades can. They stack up evenly and the height can be adjusted easily, letting in as much light as you want.

Stoneside Roman Shades

Additional tip:

Whichever window treatments you are deciding to go with, having them custom-made will guarantee a close fit to your window without gaps to let the cold air in.

Stoneside Custom Drapery

2. Should you include multiple types of treatments in your design?

To maximize your efforts, think about layers! Layering your window treatments will give you the greatest and warmest result. We love layering window treatments with drapery.

Fabric Draperies

Fabric draperies not only help keep your interior warmer but also cozier.

To make the best out of your draperies make sure to get them floor-length and wider than the windows. That will considerably increase energy efficiency and help prevent heat from escaping.

Adding a thermal lining will act as an extra layer to block the cold air from coming in during winter months and keep the cool air inside during summer months. The lining also helps preserve the color of the drapes from UV rays that may cause discoloration.

Draperies are also very efficient to block the light to come in, which is perfect for the bedrooms.

What we love about the fabric drapery:

It can really make the whole look of your room. The wide selection of textures and colors allows you to personalize them and make sure they fit your interior. They can be used by themselves but we particularly love their efficiency in combination with other window treatments as mentioned above.

3. What are the best colors for your window treatments?

First, it is important to know which room you will be working on before choosing the color and the material. You probably won’t want the same effect in your office as in your bathroom.

Then, make sure to have a good understanding of the lighting situation of the room. That will influence how dark or light you want them to be.

Light colors such as white or other neutral tones are timeless. They help make the space feel bigger. They are known to reflect the light away which is great for hot summer months but could hurt your energy efficiency during winter months. If you want light draperies, we recommend you to layer them with another window treatment or make sure they have a thermal lining.

Dark colors give a cozy look to a big cold space. They provide contrast to the room and can really become the focus of the room. They fit perfectly with light walls. They are a great option for blocking the light and absorbing the heat to radiate it back in.

When layering multiple window treatments, consider going tone-on-tone as too many colors can be quickly overwhelming for the space.

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