Why You Need to Work with a Design Expert on Your Next Home Project

A room remodel is like painting a picture on a blank canvas. If you take a random approach, with no thought to color, composition, space, lines, or shapes, the result will likely be jarring and unpleasant. Like a masterful work of art, a beautifully appointed room takes these elements into account to create a harmonic space. Decorating a room is an art and a science, and there are many benefits of good interior design—you can maximize them with the help of a talented interior design consultant.

The Benefits of Interior Design

Interior design makes a space liveable by ensuring it is functional and aesthetically pleasing. Think about the emotions you feel when you enter a particular room—is it warm and welcoming, or cold and forbidding? The room’s design largely governs that response. A living room with dark, muted colors, too much furniture, and dim lighting may seem oppressive or even depressing. But change the color palette to soothing neutrals, remove some pieces to create spaciousness, add lamps and plenty of natural light, and that same room draws you in with a sense of comfort and peace.

Thoughtful interior design takes into account the way a space is used. If you entertain frequently, you may want a dining room that accommodates many guests, or an open kitchen for party food prep. Families with young children will want durable fabrics and furniture with rounded corners, while homes with older adults need different safety features, including no-slip flooring and accessible bathrooms. One of the benefits of good interior design is that rooms are designed to get the most out of your living space for your particular lifestyle.

The visual appearance of any room is also important. Colors should be complementary and set the right mood for your home. Furniture, fixtures, and decorative accent pieces should be selected to complement each other and adhere to a cohesive interior design style. That style also needs to align with your personal tastes—if you love knick knacks and overstuffed bookcases, don’t try to shoehorn yourself into a minimalist design.

For many people, however, asking them to tackle an interior design project would be like asking them to paint a Monet. As with art, there needs to be a mastery of the tools, materials, and basic concepts necessary for creating a well-composed room. That’s why there are tangible benefits to hiring a design consultant. With their skills, training, and knowledge, they can help you realize your dream home.


Why Should You Hire a Design Consultant?

Top-notch design professionals are blessed with a unique set of skills, honed through years of training. They have the innate ability to visualize how a particular throw rug or upholstered chair can tie an entire room together, as well as the practical know-how to ensure that remodeling projects meet local building codes. They always stay current, keeping up with evolving design trends and continually building out a network of relationships with contractors, antique dealers, wholesalers, and other suppliers. They have access to resources and specialized knowledge the average person doesn’t have.

At Stoneside, we understand the valuable expertise a designer can bring to a project. That’s why we have hired a team of specially trained design experts who work one-on-one with every client to transform their home through custom window treatments. Their attention to detail and dedication to high-quality service are a major reason why Stoneside is America’s #1 window covering company based on customer reviews.

Our design experts elevate your window treatment shopping experience. Unlike a mass retailer where you just purchase a product and hope for the best, Stoneside offers you access to design expertise that is unparalleled in the industry. All of our design consultants have a thorough understanding of all of our blinds, drapes, and shades. What’s more, they understand how different window treatment options can be developed into truly customized solutions for your home. Stoneside’s design experts take the time to listen to you to understand your vision and goals for your new window treatments, which means you get superior service.


We make sure every design expert at Stoneside has a solid grounding in the principles and benefits of good interior design. This way, they can help you see how your window treatments play a role in your home’s overall design and select the right ones to enhance, not detract, from a room’s beauty. This collaboration is rooted in our unique free consultations. Here, you and our design expert can spend time getting to know each other and talk about your tastes and goals for your window coverings. Using this information, our design expert can suggest custom possibilities for your blinds, drapery, or shades that will be an ideal fit for your space. Project management is also an essential part of interior design. Our team will expertly guide your project all the way through to installation to ensure it comes in on time and within budget.

The right interior design plan is like a work of art. Reap the benefits of hiring an interior design expert and work with Stoneside to create window treatments that elevate your home.

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