Stoneside Blog - The Best TV And Design Choices For Your Living Room

The Best TV And Design Choice For Your Living Room

The living room or family room is one of the most heavily used spaces in our homes - we spend time together, our children play, we consume entertainment, and more. Because of this, it is also one of the most well thought out rooms in the home too. We ask ourselves questions such as “how big does the couch need to be?”; “if our couch is this size, what shape and size should the coffee table be?”; “is there room for our kids to play?”; “are we at the optimal distance to the TV?” “is our TV the right size?”, etc.

With all these factors at play, it can also become a tough decision of when to upgrade those big-ticket items such as the TV. There always seems to be a new and improved version of this piece of technology, so when is the best time to buy? When a new technology is introduced it is initially quite expensive compared to its predecessors. This is because there are generally fewer companies producing the technology and therefore can price it higher. However, as more companies begin producing the same technology the competition for consumers increases, forcing companies to drop their pricing to grab your attention while newer technologies continue to be created. This is the "sweet spot" in between price erosion and technological advancements. This is the ideal timing to buy technology such as TVs. For example, the OLED and QLED technologies have been fighting it out for the title of best TV technology which have touted crisp 4K resolutions, however there is a new competitor on the horizon – the 8K resolution.

There is always the question of whether the human eye can comprehend 4K or 8K resolutions, but it seems that higher resolutions will mainly allow us to create larger TVs at a high resolution while making smaller screens look the best our eyes can process. Once you commit to grabbing a great deal on a TV, the rest of the room can fall into place. OLEDs and QLEDs are very different in their technologies, so your choice of TV will impact the rest of the room’s needs in a tangible way. If you opt for the OLED, you will notice that the screen looks more vibrant when it is not in direct sunlight. This is because the OLED TVs do not use an LED back light to produce light on the screen. Therefore, it could make sense to choose window coverings that enable an enhanced level of room darkening. There are several types of window treatments that can accomplish this:

Cellular shades (aka honeycomb shades) and roller shades come in opaque and blackout fabrics that can be controlled easily through cordless solutions and motorization. When it’s time for the show, simply press a button on your remote or smart phone and you’re ready to go! These products also come in a large range of colors, so no matter what your style is there’s something available to compliment your home. Other options include roman shades and drapery. These also come in opaque and blackout fabrics but provide more of a luxe feel to the room with their wide variety of patterns, fabrics, and pleating options.