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The Top 5 Elements of a Cozy Home - Plus the All-in-One Secret to Making Your Home Ready for Fall

How you can make your home feel cozy and warm this fall

Don't we just love fall? There’s change in the air: transforming foliage, fresh crisp mornings, and evenings with a hint of something magic.

For us here at Stoneside it means more clients ready to make seasonal changes for their homes. We want you to feel ready and excited this season, so settle in with your hot cider and we’ll show you how you can get cozy this fall in your home.

Make your home feel cozy and warm with these simple elements

There are distinct areas of home design and decor that will influence your home’s coziness this season. These five elements greatly impact how your home looks and feels, so if you’re looking to level up your home’s coziness factor, focus on these:

  • Color Palette
  • Texture
  • Smell
  • Lighting
  • Temperature

All of these elements are most effective when used together.

Imagine an empty room with wooden floors and blank walls, with a chill in the air. You turn up the heat and paint the walls a warm white. Okay, that’s better. But it still feels “cold,” despite the comfortable temperature of the room. Next, you upgrade to new furnishings to make the room more complete. Much better.

So far, you’ve addressed the temperature, the palette, and a bit of texture. But it’s still not quite right. Do you know what’s missing? It’s all of the accessories (more texture!) that make your home feel not just like a room, but a home. And with the shift from summer to fall, you deserve a home that feels even cozier.

By tweaking these elements, you can make your home feel warm, cozy, and cheerful this autumn. So how do you best address these elements? Let’s start with a big one.

Adding seasonal colors goes beyond just the living room. You’ll want to add seasonal touches to each room to fully update for the season.

The trending palette for 2021 has many natural colors perfect for fall. Blend in neutrals and pull in bold and deep reds, oranges, and yellows. These are traditional fall colors that will highlight the new season, but 2021’s palette has the perfect new hues to keep it modern and new.

Bring in that fresh autumn feel by adding fall colors throughout your home using decor, furnishings, and art.

Imagine neutrals paired with a wonderful burnt orange, or a deep brick red with warm bronze. Prefer a subtle undertone? Use seasonal colors on smaller pieces like pillows and small decor. Want to really boost your home’s cozy factor? Repeat a few colors in multiple places - or be bold with a bigger statement piece such as a rug, an accent chair, or large artwork.

Remember that autumn colors don’t have to begin and end with oranges, reds, and yellows, although these are all commonly associated with fall. These classics are fantastic seasonal colors for fall and come in many different hues, but there are other colors that fit the feel and ambiance of the season.

  • Cream
  • Gold
  • Bronze
  • Copper
  • Brown
  • Hazel
  • Gray
  • Burgundy
  • Plum
  • Navy
  • Teal
  • Forest Green
  • Olive Green

There are so many to choose from. Check out 2021 color trends for even more inspiration.

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How do you add seasonal colors to your home decor?

The way your home feels doesn’t simply change when you paint a room. It needs those other elements to welcome autumn, embrace change, and revitalize your home for the season.

The most impactful change is made by optimizing your accessories to match the season. Swap out artwork on the walls and layer in fresh decor on shelving and tables. Change out your centerpiece for a seasonal display.

Art and decor aren’t your only accessories on hand. Bring out new sofa pillows and switch out lightweight summer throws for more seasonally appropriate blankets. Have a lot of house plants? Try changing out the more summery pots for ones with fall hues. Bring out displays of dried flowers or branches to pull the natural elements of autumn into your home.

Next, update your home furnishings. If your window coverings have a color palette that blends well with the fall season, make sure to highlight them as a focal point in your home.

Remember to choose a color palette and stick to it. Take a few seasonal colors and use them throughout your home. Repeating the same color in different rooms makes your home feel cohesive, and brings the coziness of autumn into your home.

Bring in more texture for more depth

Put the finishing touches on a space by focusing on the textures in each room. More texture means more dimension, and the coziest homes are full of it.

The concept is simple enough - a wool afghan looks and feels cozier than a flat sheet, doesn’t it? The same is true beyond simple blankets. Pillows, furniture, window treatments, and even decor should have noticeable textures.

Window treatments are sometimes overlooked when it comes to textures, but they can make a big impact on your room. For example, sheer drapery will feel and look different than a roller shade with an uneven texture. Each goes well in the right space but must be carefully considered when it comes to adding it to your home.

Consider the art and displays in your house. Your home decor might feel two-dimensional with all the art pieces on the wall, but by adding a vase or sculpture you add a three-dimensional texture that helps fill a space and removes the “empty” or cold feel. In the same way, a bookcase packed with books can feel flat. By grouping books and layering vases, photo frames, woven baskets, and greenery or seasonal foliage in between, you create a dynamic statement brimming with texture.

Bring in seasonal scents to get your home ready for fall

Imagine that room you’ve been trying to make cozy. You’ve already addressed the furnishings and paint on the walls, the temperature, and you’ve started to display seasonal accessories in your chosen palette. Now, standing in that room, you take a deep breath in through your nose. The smell of mulled cider, hot apple pie, or spicy clove fills your senses. Do you see how that automatically makes a beautifully decorated space richer? It adds an intangible element to your space because you move beyond the visual senses.

Consider using candles (safely, of course!), room fresheners, or even essential oils to apply the power of smell in your home. Be sure to check whether each of these options is appropriate for pets and children (if that’s applicable to you). You could even cook or bake something with delicious aromas on days you want ‘cozy’ to be even more tangible.

Using scent is a powerful and simple way to affect a room’s atmosphere, so take advantage of the opportunity to make your home even cozier.

Cozy home lighting ideas to warm up your home this season

Any room can be more homey and cozy by adding the accents and the smells associated with home and autumn.

But what if that room had bad lighting?

Imagine the discomfort of looking at the room when all there is for light is an extremely dim white light bulb that gives an unnatural gray cast to the room. Or, what if you were trying to have a cozy evening at home, except there are too many bright LEDs in the room, making it unnaturally bright like a cold, glare-filled office space.

Lighting is a key element that can drastically affect the mood of a space.

Equally as important as artificial light is natural light. Controlling the natural light gives you more say over the mood of the room. This means dressing your windows with the appropriate window coverings for all moments, including cozy evenings in the fall and mornings with crisp golden sunlight streaming in.

If you aren’t using your window treatments because it’s inconvenient or because they’re damaged, you’re missing out on all the warm fall sunlight in the afternoons that you could be basking in. If that’s the case, it’s probably time for an upgrade - motorization gives you easy access or even automatic controls for your window treatments when paired with your home automation system.

Give your home what it needs to become the ultimate cozy home this season by ensuring your window treatments are both functional and beautiful.

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Control your home’s temps for a cozy atmosphere

An element so obvious it might get overlooked is temperature. A home can look extremely cozy, but if the temperature isn't right it certainly won't feel cozy.

Controlling your home's temperature can be easily achieved by changing the thermostat, but what happens when you constantly have to fight drafts and cooling temperatures? Homes with big windows can be tricky when it comes to temperature control. Moderating temperatures often pose a challenge in the fall and winter as the outside chill leaks in through windows and entryways.

The best method to address temperature in your home is by getting effective window treatments.

Window treatments come in all types and each type has different capabilities and strengths. If autumns and winters tend to be milder, you won't need a window covering that specializes in temperature control. Instead, you can opt for a window covering with more light control to help you utilize the sun's heat transference.

However, if your windows cause your home’s temperatures to fluctuate, consider window treatments that prioritize temperature control. Our top three choices include:

The best option is to layer your window treatments, as this allows you to have the most control no matter what situation you're in. This is because you'll be able to use one or the other window treatment installed on your windows depending on the situation.

However, if temperature control is your priority and you only want to start with one, cellular shades have one of the highest R-rating out there. This means that it has one of the highest levels of temperature control and is, therefore, the most effective window treatment for climate control. Our new Olympus line has double the cellular structure meaning it's particularly effective at keeping cold air at bay (and keeping your utility bill down).

Window treatments - the secret key to making your home cozy

Window treatments address 4 out of 5 of the elements that affect your home’s coziness.

So far, we’ve discussed different furnishings and accessories that you can use to create more coziness in your home. Using colors, textures, lighting, and temperature, you can create an extremely cozy atmosphere. The easiest way to affect all of these at once? You guessed it - getting the right window treatment.

Consider a window treatment color that complements all seasons. Spruce up your window treatments with a fresh palette to invigorate your space and give you more opportunities to make your home as cozy as you want.

Get cozy with your window treatment textures. Combined with the right color, a texture can provide a comfortable backdrop or serve as an eye catching feature to make your space more comfortable.

Light control is the main reason all window treatments are used. Roller shades, solar shades, drapery, or any other type of shade or blind, addresses light control. If you really struggle with morning or afternoon glare, solar shades are your best bet. Getting the right lighting in a space instantly improves the cozy factor in your home.

Cellular shades and draperies are excellent options for temperature control. If you want to go a step further, bundle your home’s windows with layered window treatments to leave your home feeling extra snug.

Updating your home with new window treatments will instantly make your home a cozier space. All you have to do is light your favorite fall candle or heat up some apple pie and you’ve covered the 5 elements of a cozy home.

Make this fall your coziest yet with window treatments for style and comfort

If you’re ready to embrace the season with some home upgrades, get window coverings that will give you warmth, comfort, and coziness in style.

Our design experts love helping clients prepare for seasonal shifts by providing guidance, insight, and support. When you book a consultation, we give you your own personal design consultant to help you make the most of your window treatments.

Snuggle up with some hot cider and reach out for a consultation. Together, we’ll find the perfect window treatment for you and we’ll raise a mug to making your home the coziest it can be this fall.