3/8", 9/16" Single & 1/2" Double Blackout

Stoneside blackout fabrics block 99% of visible light into your room.  Available in 9 muted tones.

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Petite Cell Blackout

Durable even in intense sunlight, our Cellular Shades retain their rich colors, provide privacy, dampen sound and save energy.



  • Buy direct from the manufacturer - Stoneside
  • You buy from the middleman
  • Custom made and supported by Stoneside

  • Manufactured by and supported through third parties
  • Crafted from plush spun lace fabric

  • Made from low quality "paper like" fabric
  • White fabric to street side provides uniform look
  • Colored fabric to street side
  • No visible metallic blackout material
  • Metallic blackout material visible from side
  • Widths up to 120" wide
  • Maximum width 96" or less
  • Custom made in the USA
  • Manufactured in other countries
  • Fabrics made in America
  • Fabrics made in other countries
  • Limited lifetime guarantee
  • Most only commit to 30 days
Light Blocking:
CS00668|3/8" Classic Blackout Beechwood F09.955|100% Polyester|Solid|Blackout CS00676|3/8" Classic Blackout Bonsai F09.574|100% Polyester|Solid|Blackout CS00675|3/8" Classic Blackout Chocolate Bliss F09.697|100% Polyester|Solid|Blackout CS00674|3/8" Classic Blackout Clay F09.622|100% Polyester|Solid|Blackout CS00665|3/8" Classic Blackout Cloud F09.602|100% Polyester|Solid|Blackout CS00671|3/8" Classic Blackout Gold Ember F09.563|100% Polyester|Solid|Blackout CS00667|3/8" Classic Blackout Homespun F09.576|100% Polyester|Solid|Blackout CS00669|3/8" Classic Blackout Organic F09.568|100% Polyester|Solid|Blackout CS00673|3/8" Classic Blackout Passion Sunset F09.607|100% Polyester|Solid|Blackout CS00666|3/8" Classic Blackout Star Magnolia F09.951|100% Polyester|Solid|Blackout CS00672|3/8" Classic Blackout Tranquil Tea F09.611|100% Polyester|Solid|Blackout CS00670|3/8" Classic Blackout White Azalea F09.952|100% Polyester|Solid|Blackout CS00104|9/16" Spun Lace Blackout Fresh Butter|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Blackout CS00102|9/16" Essentials Blackout  Moonlight T06-164|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Blackout CS00106|9/16" Essentials Blackout  Doe T06-301|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Blackout CS00107|9/16" Essentials Blackout  Crème Fraiche T06-343|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Blackout CS00108|9/16" Essentials Blackout  Latte T06-466|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Blackout CS00105|9/16" Essentials Blackout Barley T06-813|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Blackout CS00103|9/16" Essentials Blackout Milky Way T06-814|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Blackout CS00110|9/16" Spun Lace Blackout Sapphire|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Blackout CS00109|9/16" Spun Lace Blackout Chai|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Blackout CS00720|1/2" Double Cell Soft Touch Blackout Basil T23.863|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Blackout CS00722|1/2" Double Cell Essentials Blackout Creme Fraiche T23.343|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Blackout CS00717|1/2" Double Cell Essentials Blackout December White T23.792|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Blackout CS00719|1/2" Double Cell Essentials Blackout Fossil White T23.820|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Blackout CS00723|1/2" Double Cell Essentials Blackout Latte T23.466|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Blackout CS00718|1/2" Double Cell Essentials Blackout Milky Way T23.814|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Blackout CS00724|1/2" Double Cell Soft Touch Blackout Salsa T23.761|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Blackout CS00721|1/2" Double Cell Essentials Blackout Barley T23.813|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Blackout CS01090|9/16" Essentials Blackout Birch White T06-796|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Blackout CS01093|9/16" Essentials Blackout Black T06-860|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Blackout CS01089|9/16" Essentials Blackout December White T06-792|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Blackout CS01091|9/16" Essentials Blackout Fossil White T06-820|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Blackout CS01092|9/16" Essentials Blackout Pinecone T06-844|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Blackout CS01094|9/16" Essentials Blackout True Camel T06-878|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Blackout CS01115|1/2" Double Cell Essentials Blackout Deep Silver T23-722|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Blackout CS01114|1/2" Double Cell Essentials Blackout Fawn T23-301|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Blackout CS01116|1/2" Double Cell Essentials Blackout River Bed T23-773|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Blackout CS01113|1/2" Double Cell Essentials Blackout White Satin T23-164|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Blackout
Width and Height
Up to 120" wide and up to 144" wide with 2 on 1 headrail (more)
Inside or Outside Mount
Mounting Options
Available as "Inside" or "Outside" mount shades. (more)
Cellular Fabric Selection
Fabric Selection
Available in 9 muted tones (more)
Cellular Shade - Top-Down / Bottom-Up
Shade Styles
Standard, Top/Down-Bottom/Up and 2 on 1 Headrail styles (more)
Cellular LIft Options
Lift Control Options
Available in Standard, Continuous Cord Loop and Cordless lifts (more)
Effortlessly operate your shades by remote control. (more)