9/16" Pointbond/Soft Prints

Our most economical cellular shade with a variety of 20 neutral and bold colors, each with a subtle pin dot print to create a unique look.
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Soft Prints

Durable even in intense sunlight, our Cellular Shades retain their rich colors while providing privacy, dampening sound and saving energy.



  • Custom made and supported by Stoneside - no middleman
  • Manufactured by and supported through third parties
  • White fabric to outside for uniform look.
  • Colored fabrics to outside
  • Custom made in the USA
  • Manufactured in another country
  • Fabrics made in USA
  • Fabrics made in other countries
  • Widths up to 120"
  • Widths limited to 96" or less
  • Limited lifetime guarantee
  • Most only commit to 30 days
Light Blocking:
CS00126|9/16" Pointbond Pebble Beach|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Medium CS00115|9/16" Pointbond White Hydrangea T01-154|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Medium CS00114|9/16" Pointbond Frost T01-159|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Medium CS00123|9/16" Pointbond Camel T01-170|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Medium CS00113|9/16" Pointbond Cottage Wheat T01-206|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Medium CS00112|9/16" Pointbond Honeywheat T01-270|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Medium CS00116|9/16" Pointbond Magnolia T01-410|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Medium CS00122|9/16" Pointbond Blonde Oak T01-519|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Medium CS00111|9/16" Pointbond Innocence T01-580|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Medium CS00118|9/16" Pointbond Custard|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Medium CS00117|9/16" Pointbond Sugared Peach T01-705|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Medium CS00121|9/16" Pointbond Acorn Yellow  T01-851|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Medium CS00124|9/16" Pointbond Lava T01-852|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Medium CS00125|9/16" Pointbond Belgian Dark T01-856|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Medium
Height and Width
Up to 120" wide and up to 144" wide with 2 on 1 headrail (more)
Inside or Outside Mount
Mounting Options
Available as "Inside" or "Outside" mount shades. (more)
Cellular Fabric Selection
Fabric Selection
A variety of 20 neutral and bold colors (more)
Cellular Shade Top-Down / Bottom-Up
Shade Styles
Standard, Top/Down-Bottom/Up and 2 on 1 Headrail styles (more)
Lift Options
Lift Control Options
Available in Standard, Continuous Cord Loop and Cordless lifts (more)
Effortlessly operate your shades by remote control. (more)