Genuine Wood Blinds

These precision crafted genuine Basswood blinds are the classic choice for adding the warmth and beauty of real wood to any room in your home or office. The hardware system is comprised of heavy-duty components for higher load capacity and enduring performance in the window. Featuring high-strength resin supports, corrosion-resistant steel headrails, and top-hinged installation brackets.
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Cherry Basswood

Our precision crafted wood blinds add warmth and beauty to any room.




  • Made in the USA
  • Manufactured in other countries
  • Limited lifetime guarantee
  • Most only commit to 30 days.
  • You buy direct from the manufacturer
  • You buy from the middleman
  • Elegant crown valance comes standard
  • Not available or at extra charge
  • Durable 2x2â€� color-coordinated steel headrail
  • Headrails not color-coordinated 
  • Trapezoid bottom rail provides improved light closure
  • Not available or at extra charge
  • Privacy / Routless option available at small charge
  • Privacy option not available
  • Crown valance installs easily
  • Crown valance difficult to install
Light Blocking:
WB00420|Cortessa Alabaster #401|100% Wood|Solid|Heavy WB00419|Cortessa Almost White #421|100% Wood|Solid|Heavy WB00430|Cortessa Black #419|100% Wood|Solid|Heavy WB00431|Cortessa Bourbon #902|100% Wood|Solid|Heavy WB00418|Cortessa Bright White #420|100% Wood|Solid|Heavy WB00432|Cortessa Chocolate #901|100% Wood|Solid|Heavy WB00429|Cortessa Dark Mahogany #605|100% Wood|Solid|Heavy WB00424|Cortessa Golden Oak #410|100% Wood|Solid|Heavy WB00427|Cortessa Mahogany #412|100% Wood|Solid|Heavy WB00422|Cortessa Maple #407|100% Wood|Solid|Heavy WB00421|Cortessa Natural #406|100% Wood|Solid|Heavy WB00426|Cortessa Rosewood #402|100% Wood|Solid|Heavy WB00417|Cortessa Snow White #413|100% Wood|Solid|Heavy WB00428|Cortessa Walnut #604|100% Wood|Solid|Heavy WB00416|Cortessa White #600|100% Wood|Solid|Heavy