Get some blinds.
Save a friend some bucks.
Do some good.
When you complete your first purchase from Stoneside, we assign you a unique Referral Savings Code to pass along to your friends. When your friends use this code, you help victims of natural disasters around the world through the American Red Cross.
Here's how it works:
  1. When you complete your first purchase of blinds or shades, we assign you a Referral Savings Code.
  2. Send this Referral Savings Code to as many people as you want. Post it on your Facebook page or send it out on Twitter if you like.
  3. When your friends call to set an appointment with us using your code, or simply give your name as their referral, we contribute 5% of their first purchase of blinds and shades to the American Red Cross.
The more friends you share your Referral Savings Code with, the more you help disaster victims around the world.
Stoneside's Blinds & Shades
All our blinds and shades are custom made to your exact specifications.
Great products, exceptional service.
We custom make every blind or shade in our modern Denver, Colorado manufacturing facility. With our selection of styles, designs and customization options, we're confident the perfect window coverings for you and your clients are waiting to be made by us.
Because we build every blind or shade we sell, we can guarantee its quality and your satisfaction. From our in-home services to our customer representatives to our Satisfaction Guarantee, we're dedicated to making sure our customers are totally satisfied with their experience and purchase.