About Us

We Started with a Question.

How could we provide custom window coverings, in-home design and installation services, and take advantage of the cost efficiencies of the Internet?

Traditionally, custom window coverings were purchased through in-home design professionals. The designer came to your home, showed you fabrics and samples, and helped you select the perfect blinds and shades. Professional installers then measured your windows and installed your window coverings to make sure that everything fit perfectly, and that you were delighted with the completed job. This process provided great results, but was expensive and often took months from start to finish.

A few years ago, Internet stores began selling window coverings online. This dramatically reduced the cost, allowed consumers to shop whenever they wanted, and reduced the end-to-end time from months to weeks. Unfortunately, in this model, the window coverings are less customized, the consumer is responsible for measuring their own windows, selecting fabrics on their computer or from swatches received in the mail, and installing the finished products. If you order the wrong size, it is your problem. As a result, customers purchasing blinds from typical online window covering stores are often disappointed when their window coverings do not fit properly, are difficult to install, or just do not look the way they had hoped.

Stoneside - The Best of Both.

Until recently, customers had to choose between an expensive and lengthy traditional solution and a less expensive, less customized, do-it-yourself approach through an Internet store. Stoneside provides the best of both - a quick, inexpensive window covering solution utilizing in-home designers and installers to provide designer-quality custom window coverings direct from the manufacturer through the Internet.

Custom-Made by Us.

Unlike traditional retail and other online stores, Stoneside custom makes every blind we sell to your exact specifications. Within minutes of placing your order, we begin the process of custom building your window coverings in our modern Denver, Colorado manufacturing facility. Most other Internet retailers rely on third-party manufacturers to fulfill their orders. By building every window covering we sell, we provide a highly custom and higher quality product. To learn more, just follow this link to Manufacturing.

Sold Direct to You.

We cut out the middleman. Just a few years ago, the only way to reach the customer was to sell through a traditional retail store that added overhead, delays and cost. Although other online retailers streamline the process, they still add overhead and extract additional profit. In addition, most other online stores never touch the products they sell. When you call them, you talk to people who never see the blinds you are buying. With Stoneside, you work directly with us - the manufacturer. When you talk to us, you are talking to the people who actually make the blinds and shades you are buying. By working this way, we offer the highest quality service and the most customized products at a great  price.

In-Home Service.

We offer FREE In-Home Design Consultation. We bring our design studio to you to help you select the perfect blinds, shades, fabrics and materials. We are building a national network of experienced designers and installers to provide a new standard of in-home design and installation services. We don't have designers in all areas yet, but we are busy working to cover the entire US soon. In areas where we don't yet have a local in-home professional, we offer free Over-The-Phone design services. Just follow this link to check the availability of an In-Home Design Consultant in your area, or call us toll free at 877-340-0158.

Once you select the perfect blinds and shades, Stoneside provides In-Home Measuring and Installation Services so you can be confident that every window covering will fit perfectly. If you use our In-Home Measuring and Installation Services, we guarantee a great fit.

Just follow this link to Measuring and Installation Services to see if an installer is available in your area, or call our toll free number at 877-340-0158 to speak with one of our design professionals.