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The Stoneside Process: How We Stay #1 in America
We’re proud to offer what we believe is the highest-level of customer service and personal attention available in the industry. We do this at every stage of our relationship with you.
Motorization and Automation | Motorized Blinds and Shades
New battery technology has dramatically reduced the cost and expanded the options for motorizing your blinds and shades and modern home automation systems now allow you to control everything through your voice and/or cell phone.
Child and Pet Safety
At Stoneside, we believe safety is our most important job. Since 1990, over 16,000 children under age six were treated in US emergency rooms for injuries from window treatments. In addition to these injuries, there have been over 300 deaths associated with becoming entangled in window treatment cords. To address these risks, every Stoneside window treatment conforms strictly to today's safety standards, including permanent tie-down devices and built-in cord stops. In addition, we offer many cordless or motorized options which allow you to further reduce risks to children or pets.
Made in America
By manufacturing our products in America, we can provide highly customized products. Companies that manufacture outside of the US are often confined to a pre-set range of standard choices.


Top Things To Consider When Purchasing Window Treatments
The first thing most people do when shopping for blinds and shades is measure the windows. Next, they’ll find themselves alone among hundreds of samples trying to make a decision. There are so many things to consider before you order window treatments, and mistakes can be costly. At Stoneside, we are experts who know that purchasing blinds and shades requires professional guidance. Keep reading to find out what you need to know about custom window treatments before you shop.