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Want a More Energy Efficient Home? This Is the Best New Window Treatment for Climate Control

By: Natalie Elmhurst

Updated: 7/14/2023

Do your windows keep letting the seasons dictate your interior temperatures? Don’t settle for an indoor climate that matches the outdoors. Get window treatments with a high R-value to make climate control for your home a reality.

If you’re looking for streamlined style, efficiency, and super versatile light control, our energy efficient cellular shades — plus a brand new Olympus line that’s beating all the competitors — might be exactly what you need.

What is an R-value and why is it important?

R-value is the measurement system used to determine how effective something is at “resisting” heat change. This is used for housing insulation and other materials used in homes, as well as window treatments. Simply put, the higher the R rating, the better, as that means heat transfer is more limited, and your home’s temperature doesn’t fluctuate as drastically.

There are many options for higher R-value window treatments. Cellular shades, draperies, and solar shades are all great window treatments that can achieve a higher R-value. Typically, cellular shades tend to be the highest for window treatments.

Determining R-value helps give insight into how well your home maintains temperature. If you understand the R-value of your home’s window treatments, you’ll be able to choose a window treatment that helps address any issues you’ve had previously in your home. If your sheer curtains have made it difficult to keep, tell our design team. They’ll help you choose an option with a higher R-value so you can stabilize the temperature in your home.

Our cellular shades have the highest R-value of any of our window treatments, making them the best window treatment to keep out the heat.

Heat is transferred in three ways — conductive, convective, and radiant. Cellular shades are so effective because they actually trap heat in between their honeycomb structure. The cells of cellular shades absorb the heat, rather than allowing it to enter your home. Other options, like Solar shades with reflective backing, simply reflect heat, keeping it from zeroing in on your home’s interior.

If sunlight is creating a toasty interior in your home, be sure to mention it to our design team. We’ll be happy to point you in the right direction.

Stoneside Custom Cellular Shades

Do winter temps keep you chilled, even inside? Get cozy with the best window treatment to keep out the cold.

If sweltering in the heat doesn’t concern you as much as the winter cold, cellular shades will still give you exactly what you’re looking for. Cellular shades don’t simply keep out the heat, but they actually keep that nasty winter chill out of your home as well. The honeycomb structure they’re so well known for blocks out the cold just like it does heat.

The trapping feature of the honeycomb works no matter the temperature, so make sure you opt for the best solution to your drafty windows.

Cellular shades optimize your climate control and maximize comfort, no matter the season.

Are cellular shades honeycomb shades?

Cellular shades are also known as honeycomb shades. They are formed using a pattern that makes a unique “honeycomb” shape. This “honeycomb” structure creates an air-insulated shade perfect for climate control. Our cellular shades achieve an R-value of 3.5 and higher — the highest R-value when compared to other window treatments.

What is the difference between room darkening and blackout cellular shades?

Imagine waking up without the intense rays of sunlight demanding you start your day. Instead, take control of your morning with a cellular shade. You’ll be able to let light in as soon as you’re ready. Perhaps even after your first cup of coffee.

Although cellular shades shine at climate control, different light filtering options allow you to choose the amount of light you can see through your shade. Room darkening cellular shades will allow more light to enter your home versus a blackout cellular shade. Your shade will let in some light, but it will still have a dramatic effect on the amount of light coming through.

If you’re looking for even more light blocking, you’ll need to choose a blackout cellular shade. Blackout cellular shades are meant to keep the maximum amount of light possible from entering through the fabric of your window treatment. These blackout shades are perfect for bedrooms — especially for children, when midday sun can thwart your best attempts at naptime.

Stoneside Custom Cellular Shades

Interested in the most energy-efficient window treatment for your home?

Cellular shades have you covered. By now you know that no matter what, cellular shades are a great option if you’re looking for climate control. And what does climate control mean? Sustainable solutions. If your home could use another eco-friendly solution, or if those energy costs are climbing too high for your taste, cellular shades are perfect for you. Cellular shades work to keep indoor temps consistent no matter what the weather is like outside.

Stop nature’s seasonal yo-yo effect on your home. Because of their design and ability to “trap” temperature transfer, your cellular shades will keep your home’s energy use in check.

Energy efficiency has a new friend in home automation.

How often do you adjust your window treatments? Do you open and shut your living room shades as soon as the sun goes down? What about those mornings you get to sleep in?

Although your window treatments are supposed to be used every day, likely you’re not taking the time to open and shut them each day. It seems more of a hassle and isn’t exactly at the top of your priority list.

Leaving your window treatments unused and stationary the majority of the time diminishes the effect of your window treatments. Your blinds and shades are meant to give you control over things like light, privacy, and energy efficiency. But if they remain unused, you won’t be taking full advantage of your window coverings.

Even if you use your window treatments often, they are probably not used as effectively as they could be. This directly affects the energy use in your home.

Using your window treatments as an energy saver is a great way to make your home more eco-friendly, but it’s hard to make your way through your home each day, opening and closing your shades or blinds.

Are you someone who leaves window treatments in one place the majority of the time? Consider using home automated cellular shades.

Sometimes, you might even forget your window treatments are there. Wouldn’t it be nice if your window treatments opened and closed automatically? Luckily, home automation has arrived, allowing you to do just that.

With home automation, you can use your cellular shades without having to remember, or really move at all. Connecting your motorized window treatments to your home automation system gives you the control of setting up an automatic time for window treatments to open and close. No more reminding yourself to shut the blinds, and no more waking up in the early hours of the morning from unwanted light shining in. Plus, this is the best way to make sure your home stays as energy-efficient as possible.

If you’re not interested in smart home automation, you can simply opt for motorized cellular shades. A small motor will be hidden in your cellular shade, so you no longer have to manually open and shut your shades.

If you decide home automation isn’t perfect for your home, motorized cellular shades can still be perfect for you. Motorization without home automation removes the option to put your blinds or shades on a timer, but it still allows you to control them from either a wall switch, handheld remote, or smartphone app. Wouldn’t you use your window treatments more if it was that convenient?

Stoneside Custom Cellular Shades

Wish you could block out certain parts of your window?

Cellular shades can come with a top-down or bottom-lift option. With cellular shades, energy efficiency meets comfort.

Want to enjoy your views, but sick of getting blinded at the table while trying to have coffee with a friend? Tired of fighting with the glare in your home office? Now you can choose to block out the part of your window that’s allowing in too much sun, without sacrificing your home’s natural light.

Many window treatments, such as roller shades, are mounted at the top, giving you the option to pull them down as little or as far as you need. These are very common, and you’ve likely seen many different types of these window treatments. But cellular shades have the unique option to lift up from the bottom or down from the top.

This is ideal for times when you’d prefer privacy, but also want to let in some natural light. Especially in 2nd floor rooms, when you don’t need to block the entire window to maximize privacy. You can block only the part of the window you want, leaving the rest open to maximize views and daylight. Stylish, functional cellular shades let you have the best of both worlds.

Does this mean cellular shades can be used in your bathroom?

It does! Cellular shades are the perfect solution for a modern bathroom. There is plenty of privacy with a top-down option, but you can still choose to keep part of your window uncovered, letting that natural light brighten up a space that would otherwise be kept closed off.

Looking for energy-efficient window treatments for sliding glass doors? Opt for vertical cellular shades.

Vertical cellular shades are made with the same functional honeycomb structure, so you still get the climate control of standard cellular shades. Vertical cellular shades can be great for use with glass sliding doors, room separators, and patio doors. Our vertical shades have custom width and height options to suit the exact sizing you need, and pair extremely well with other window treatments for optimum insulation.

If cellular shades are used throughout your space, your sliding glass door window treatments will tie in with your other window treatments seamlessly.

Which cellular shades are the best?

The best thing about custom window treatments is the fact that they are custom. But choosing the right ones for you comes with its own set of questions and challenges.

To make the best decision for transforming your home, our professional design team can help you sort out your priorities and your desires.

Until then, there are some things you can consider to help with the process. Think about which rooms you’d like to have your cellular shades installed if you choose not to do your whole home. Does convenience mean the most to you? If so, home automation is going to be a must. If ease of use is preferred, consider at least motorized cellular shades, so opening and closing your window treatments is as easy as hitting a button. (From the sofa!)

You should also consider whether you want to change your window treatments to light filtering or blackout options.

If you’re looking for the best energy-efficient and insulating option, cellular shades will be perfect for keeping your home comfortable. Stoneside’s Olympus cellular shades in particular will be your best choice, as they have the highest impact on a window’s R-rating.

Our Olympus Cellular Shades pack functionality, design, and energy efficiency all into one.

Olympus cellular shades give you privacy, light control, climate control, and energy efficiency all in one place. Olympus is the cellular shade that will have the maximum impact on your home.

Stoneside Olympus Cell Shades
Stoneside Olympus Cell Shades

If you’re looking for the best cellular shade, choose Olympus.

All cellular shades have the honeycomb feature synonymous with this type of shade. However, some cellular shades have a double honeycomb cell feature to maximize energy efficiency. Our newest addition, Olympus, actually has a double layer inside the honeycomb cell. This extra layer within each cell holds temperatures so effectively that it can “reduce heat gain by up to 80 percent.” That’s a massive effect on climate control from a simple window treatment.

Olympus comes with the option of light-filtering, and even blackout. There are five colors available in the Olympus model, so it can be used throughout your home, while matching your home’s style.

How do I get cellular shades for my home?

If you’re interested in cellular shades, the next step is to book a consultation with our design team. Our approach is simple — this process should be as easy and streamlined for you as possible. No guessing where you are in the process, or what will come next. And no stress about installing them yourself. Your designer is there to help you understand and see what options are available for transforming your home into your dream home — and our expert installers ensure you won’t have to lift a finger.

Are you ready for comfort, convenience, and climate control? Book your free consultation and let’s maximize the comfort of your home.