Zebra Shades - Delight Grey 809 - Kitchen
Zebra Shades - Delight Grey 809 - Kitchen

Zebra Shades

If your sense of style is bold and brilliant, if you embrace the new and the unusual, then not just any window treatment will suffice for your home. Zebra shades, also called transitional shades, create a striking contemporary look with their innovative design, and give you great flexibility for controlling privacy and light. At Stoneside, our selection of zebra window shades is unparalleled. We have a wide assortment of colors, fabrics, and patterns, so you can create the exact zebra shades that will transform your home.
  • Custom-crafted in the United States
  • Transition of light is created with dual layers of fabric alternating between sheer, semi-opaque, or opaque horizontal fabric vanes
  • You can raise and lower these dual-layered shades while controlling the amount of light and your view
  • Unique curved and geometric options
  • Wide offering of lift and motorization options
  • Easy to use home automation options
  • Choose from board mount fabric wrapped or cassette valence
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What Are Zebra Shades?

Zebra window shades are a type of roller shade, also known as transitional shades or banded shades. Dual layers of fabric panels alternate between sheer, semi-opaque, or opaque horizontal fabric vanes, resulting in a bold stripe pattern that allows light to transition into a room. Zebra shades can be raised and lowered entirely or partially to control light, enjoy a lovely view, or provide a sense of privacy.

We offer fabrics in an array of colors, from cool neutrals to gorgeously subtle oranges and purples, as well as patterns that include unique curved and geometric options. You can also select either board mount fabric wrapped or cassette valances for a polished look. For superior performance, try one of the many easy-to-operate motorization systems - you can use a remote control, voice control, or a smart home device to raise and lower blinds whenever you need, or even program them to work on a specific schedule. All of our zebra window shades are custom-crafted at our U.S. manufacturing facilities to ensure they are of the highest quality. We also handle all elements of a project in house, from measurements to installation, to ensure you are completely satisfied with the final result.

Zebra shades make a major visual statement while emphasizing, not hiding, the sleek lines and minimalist decor of a modern space. Designers often use them for larger windows or to create a sense of depth in a room. They also work well in spaces such as bedrooms or bathrooms, where greater privacy is often desired. Stoneside's professional team can bring showroom samples to your home during a free consultation. See firsthand how well zebra shades complement your rooms and meet your design goals.

Find Zebra Shades Near You

There are Stoneside offices throughout the United States and the District of Columbia ready to serve you. Whether you need window coverings for a coastal getaway in Newport Beach, a sprawling Dallas mansion, or a Magnificent Mile condo in Chicago, our professional designers and installers can help you achieve the look you're after. If you are interested in adding zebra window shades to your home, find the Stoneside office near you and schedule a free design consultation.

Zebra Shades Quick Quote

Zebra Shades - Entice Taupe 840 - Living Room

Frequently Asked Questions About Zebra Shades

What are transitional shades?

These shades are similar to regular roller shades. Instead of a single piece of material, however, transitional window shades are made from two pieces of fabric, one sheer and one solid. These alternating opacity levels create the striped, or banded, effect.

How do transitional shades work?

Transitional shades lay flat the same way roller shades do. The main difference between them is that transitional shades are made up of two pieces of fabric that allow for three main positions:

  • position the fabric layers to create a zebra-striped look that allows for some privacy while still being able to look out the window
  • align both fabric layers for a fully closed look
  • rolled up or down

What sizes do transitional shades come in?

We customize each shade to fit your windows. Available widths range from 10” to 102” and heights from 12” to 120”.

Can my custom transitional shades be motorized?

Yes. Stoneside offers a variety of power options for your transitional shades, including battery and hard-wired systems. They can be controlled through a wall switch, handheld remote, phone app, auto wand, or home automation device.

How to install transitional shades

Stoneside’s in-house installation professionals handle the job for you, providing white-glove service.

How to clean transitional shades

Fabric shades can be dusted with a handheld vacuum or your vacuum’s brush attachment. Be sure the setting is on low suction and glide the vacuum smoothly over the shades without pulling on the fabric.