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Vertical Cellular Shades

Our vertical cellular (honeycomb) shades are a perfect option for patio doors, extra wide openings, and room dividers. Stoneside vertical cellular shades offer a wide selection of today's fashion colors in a variety of cell sizes, opacities and textures. No matter the color, shape or size you need, Stoneside vertical cellular shades will provide the ultimate in energy efficiency and light control.
  • Custom-crafted in the United States
  • 4 different opacities: Sheer, Semi-Sheer, Semi-Opaque, and Blackout
  • Coordinates with our Cellular Shades for windows
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Glass sliders have become a must-have for many homeowners because of their capacity to create flowing indoor/outdoor spaces and provide stunning views. To control light and privacy, however, you need another must-have: vertical cellular shades. These expansive window treatments are made for large spaces, such as patio doors, and also work well as room dividers. Plus, vertical window cellular shades are ideal for promoting energy efficiency because they serve as an insulating barrier between your exteriors and interiors. With many designer colors and styles to choose from, our custom vertical cellular shades are both beautiful and functional.

What Are Vertical Window Cellular Shades?

Like cellular shades, vertical cellular shades boast a signature honeycomb pattern. This unique design allows the shades to keep sunlight from streaming through your windows and overheating a room in warm-weather months. When the temperature drops in the winter, it helps prevent the loss of heat that builds up inside your home when you run your furnace. With vertical window cellular shades, maximum comfort is the goal.

Custom vertical cellular shades are a perfect match to traditional, horizontal cellular shades used on windows, and they also are a great solution that can complement other window treatments. Our diverse color palette - which encompasses a rainbow's worth of hues as well as lovely neutrals - ensures you'll find vertical shades that fit your home's decor. Plus, our vertical cellular shades come in various cell sizes and opacity levels. You get the coverage you need without skimping on style.

As with all Stoneside window treatments, these shades are crafted in the United States so that we can maintain the highest level of quality. By using exceptional materials and rigorous methods for inspecting and testing our products, we make vertical window cellular shades that are wonderfully durable. You'll be satisfied with them for years to come. With our professional design and installation teams, it couldn't be easier to get window coverings that transform the appearance of your home.

Find Custom Vertical Cellular Shades Near You

Whether you need to control the sunlight streaming in your Newport Beach home or want to keep the chill out of your Denver condo, vertical cellular shades are terrific in any climate. Stoneside offices are located throughout the United States and the District of Columbia, and we offer free design consultations for your convenience. Contact us to schedule an appointment today.

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Vertical Cellular Shades - Bedroom

Frequently Asked Questions About Vertical Cellular Shades

What are vertical cellular shades?

They are like horizontal cellular shades for windows, but these shades hang vertically to cover large spaces. The cellular design forms a distinctive honeycomb pattern. When the shades are open, the pleats fold together neatly and compactly.

Where can I use these shades in my home?

Vertical window cellular shades are designed to cover large openings, such as patio doors or sliding glass doors. They can also be useful as room dividers.

What sizes do vertical cellular shades come in?

Available widths range from 12” to 168” and heights from 24” to 120”. Each shade is custom made to fit the precise measurements of your project.

Are there different cell sizes to choose from?

Yes. Our single-cell shades come in ⅜”, ¾”, 1 ¼”, 2”, ¾”, and 4” sizes. We also have ¾” sizes for our single-cell blackout shades.

What are the opacity levels?

We have four to choose from. Vertical shades come in sheer, semi-sheer, semi-opaque, and blackout.

How to install vertical cellular shades

Stoneside has its own installation team. Our professionals provide white-glove service, meticulously installing your window treatments without disturbing any of your possessions.

How do I care for my custom vertical cellular shades?

Avoid cleaning with water, if at all possible, as that can damage the pleats and cause your vertical shades to lose their shape. Instead, use a dry cloth or duster to gently clean the shades; for stubborn stains, try lightly applying a damp cloth to the spot. Don’t forget to keep the honeycomb pockets free of dust—use a can of compressed air or a hairdryer on its cool setting.