Custom Drapery - Dining Room
Drapery - Dining Room

Custom Drapes

Make a statement in any room with the addition of custom drapery. Choose drapes as your only window treatment, or combine drapery panels with another window blind or shade. Either way our 300 + fabrics and multiple drapery styles are sure to elevate your aesthetic. The draperies can be combined with our Roman shades as a coordinating accent or choose the exact same fabric to match your custom Roman shade.
  • Custom-crafted in the United States
  • 300+ fashionable fabric options
  • 9 custom styles
  • Luxurious 250% fullness
  • Custom lengths and custom widths
  • High-quality double turned side and bottom hems
  • Can be lined with black-out fabric for complete light control and privacy
  • Wall and ceiling mount options
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For an effortlessly elegant window treatment, custom drapery is essential. Panels in a fabric and color that complement your design palette add a graceful visual statement to a room - your windows become an eye-catching focal point. The wonderful thing about drapery is that they work well on their own, but used with blinds or shades, they can take a window treatment to the next level. Custom drapery from Stoneside is a stunning choice for your home because we offer a breathtaking variety of fabrics. These timeless window treatments never go out of style.

The Best in Custom Drapery

The right drapery adapts well to any design aesthetic. If you have a traditional, formal home, choose panels crafted from a luxurious fabric such as silk. For rooms with a sunnier, relaxed vibe, sheer drapery helps bathe the space in warm, natural light.

At Stoneside, the possibilities are endless. We offer panels that feature top-quality design hallmarks, such as turned side and bottom hems, 300-plus fabric options in a range of colors and patterns, and 9 custom header styles, such as box or inverted pleats. Our custom drapery can be measured to fit your windows' the length and width, serving as the ideal frame for a picturesque view. For extra privacy or light control, our panels can be lined with blackout fabric. If you'd rather let the light into your room, use our wide-width sheer panels that add a subtle dreaminess to brighten and soften any space.

No matter what drapery you choose, be assured of five-star service throughout the design and installation process. That's because our employees are committed to deliver the best possible experience, whether during our free consultation or the final installation of your window treatments. We thoroughly oversee every aspect of your project, and all of our materials are made in America - our ultimate goal is for you to love your custom drapery and the overall Stoneside experience.

Find Drapery Near You

Our offices are conveniently located throughout America and the District of Columbia. What's more, we can provide the perfect custom drapery solution for every type of home, from stately Pasadena estates to Atlanta colonials. If you're ready to design the drapery of your dreams, contact your local Stoneside office to schedule your free consultation.

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Drapery - Living Room

Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Drapery

What is Drapery?

Drapery refers to panels of fabric that cover your entire window, hanging from a ceiling or wall mount above the window down to the floor.

What is the Difference Between Curtains and Drapery?

Curtains is a more general term. It refers not just to drapery, but to other styles such as cafe curtains or window scarves that only offer partial window coverage.

What are the Dimensions of Drapery?

While these window treatments can be customized, panels and custom drapery are available in widths from 10” to 124” and heights from 10” to 235”. Measurements for wide-width sheers are 10” to 124” wide and 10” to 99” high.

What Kinds of Features Does Drapery Have?

Stoneside panels come in more than 300 fabrics and 9 header styles with header styles referring to the design at the top of the drapery. They also have 250% fullness for an elegant drape that also helps block light. For more light blocking capability, our panels can be lined with blackout fabric.

Why Should You Consider Custom Drapery for Your Home?

Drapery gives you another design element to work with in a room. You can pick a neutral shade to make a room appear more spacious, or a bold hue that enhances your color palette. Drapes are ideal for covering any large windows, whether they’re used alone or in conjunction with blinds or shades.