Stoneside’s 5-Star Fully Transparent Commercial Warranty


We don’t just want you to be satisfied with your new custom window treatments; we want you to be delighted! Within 60 days of your initial installation, if you change your mind for any reason about the product, options, or whatever it may be, you may purchase a replacement product of your choice at a 50% discount, and we will provide professional standard installation at no additional cost. In addition, after the first 60 days of your installation, you may replace your Stoneside product with a 10% discount.


Stoneside will repair or replace, at our option, parts that prove to be defective in materials and workmanship with no charge for parts or shipping during the first three years after your initial installation. In addition, Stoneside will not charge for labor to repair or replace your shades during the first year of your initial installation. After the first year of your installation, you will be charged a trip charge to cover the cost of labor based on our current published rates when you schedule your service call.


Within the first year after your initial installation, Stoneside will provide one free service call by an expert Stoneside technician to assist with tasks such as recharging or replacing batteries or reprogramming motorized products.


When replacing a warranted product in a room containing matching window treatments, Stoneside will make every effort to coordinate a replacement to the remaining Stoneside products in the same room. If this is not possible—for example, if the fabric used for the original window treatment is no longer available—Stoneside will offer the following discounts on the purchase of new, matching products for windows in the same room.

100% discount during the first year after the initial installation - year 1

66% discount during year 2

33% discount during year 3


Our 5-Star Warranty only applies to residential customers, extends to the original purchaser only, and is non-transferable. Products installed or modified by someone other than a Stoneside installation technician are not covered. Damage caused by abuse, alterations, accidents, wind, and water damage are not covered.

No warranties extend beyond this expressed written Warranty except the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Under no circumstances shall Stoneside Blinds & Shades be liable for lost profits or other indirect, incidental, consequential, special, or exemplary damages. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental damages, so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to everyone. This Warranty gives specific legal rights, including other rights which vary from state to state. This Warranty supersedes any previous versions and is subject to change without prior notice.

To inquire about our Warranty, call us at 877-340-0158.

Stoneside's Fully Transparent Warranty Most Competitors – Limited Lifetime Warranty
Customer Satisfaction Guarantee Stoneside gives you 60 days after your initial installation to purchase a different product at a 50% discount and will install the replacement product at no charge. In addition, Stoneside allows you to replace window coverings purchased from Stoneside at any time at a 10% discount. Competitors give you 30 days from the date you place your order to purchase a different product at a 40% discount and charge to install the new product.
Defects excluded from the warranty Stoneside only excludes damage caused by abuse, alterations, accidents, wind, installed by anyone other than Stoneside, and water damage. Most competitors exclude the following items from their warranty:
  1. defects that result from abuse, alterations, accidents, wind, and water damage
  2. defects from normal wear and tear
  3. excessive exposure to the sun
  4. excessive humidity
  5. defects from failure to follow use and care instructions
  6. fraying of fabrics
  7. loss of color intensity
  8. normal fading from sunlight
  9. excessive warping
  10. loss of pleating
Shipping Costs Stoneside covers the cost of shipping defective products to be repaired or replaced. Most competitors exclude the cost of shipping defective products to be repaired or replaced.
Matching adjacent products If, for any reason, Stoneside needs to replace a defective shade and cannot match other shades in the same room purchased from Stoneside, Stoneside offers a substantial discount to allow you to purchase new shades to match. Most competitors offer to do their best to match other products purchased from the competitor if they need to replace a defective shade but offer no discount to purchase adjacent shades.
Warranty on Motors and Cords Stoneside provides a five-year warranty on motors with very limited exclusions listed above. Most competitors' limited lifetime warranties cover motors and cords for only five years, with all the above-mentioned limitations.
Free Motorization Service Call Stoneside offers one free service call to:
  1. reprogram a remote
  2. create a "favorite" setting
  3. support of your Stoneside Smart home systems
  4. assistance recharging your new shade
Most competitors charge for all non-warranty-related service calls.
Note: This is a comparison of portions of Stoneside's Residential Warranty to some of Stoneside's competitor's warranties. Please see Stoneside's full warranty and out competitors' full warranty to details.