Child and Pet Safety

At Stoneside, we believe safety is our most important job. Unfortunately, there have been too many incidents where young children have been injured by window coverings made without the proper safety precautions. Between 1990 and 2015, more than 16,000 children ages 6 and younger were treated in U.S. emergency rooms for injuries caused by window treatments. In addition to these injuries, there have been more than 300 deaths associated with becoming entangled in window treatment cords. These sobering statistics have been a driving factor in developing industry standards for child-safe blinds.

To address these risks, every Stoneside blind and shade conforms strictly to today's safety standards. The features in our child-safe shades and blinds include permanent tie-down devices and built-in cord stops. These measures prevent loose cords from dangling within reach of a child who could get tangled in the cord and injured. If you have a rambunctious dog or curious cat and you need pet-safe blinds or shades, these same features are useful, too. In addition, we offer many cordless or motorized options, which allow you to further reduce risks to children or pets. Our stringent attention to detail ensures your window treatments are the highest quality and are as safe as possible. And because we give you the ability to customize your child-safe blinds and shades, that means you can choose the safety option that’s right for you. Here are some more details on the different safety features that Stoneside offers:

Cordless Operation

This is a popular choice for child- and pet-safe shades and blinds because there aren’t any cords to pose a hazard. Our Cordless Lift System replaces dangerous lift cords as you lightly push a handle up or pull it down to position your shades. Many people also appreciate the more streamlined look that comes with cord-free operation. This cordless system is available in these popular shade styles:

Stoneside's Cordless Lift System is a safe and affordable alternative to standard corded operation
Loop Control eliminates dangling lift cords and allows for easy, even operation

Loop Control

Loop Control is offered on many of our most popular shade and blind styles. This desirable upgrade eliminates dangling lift cords, with the bonus of being able to raise, lower, and position your treatment easily and evenly. A cord guide keeps cords neatly in place for added safety, and a clutch stops and holds the shade or blind precisely at any height. Loop Control is standard on:

Loop Control is available as a very reasonably priced upgrade on:


Another high-tech, easy way to eliminate dangerous cords is by choosing the motorization upgrade. With it, you can raise and lower your child-safe shades and blinds with the push of a remote button or flip of a wall switch; certain automated systems are also compatible with tablets, smartphones, and smart home devices, and they can be programmed on set schedules. For even greater convenience, you can operate multiple shades at distances of up to 150 feet. Motorization is available as an upgrade on:

Motorization combines child and pet safety with the ultimate in convenience and control
Wand Controls offer a safer alternative to corded operation for traversing systems such as drapery

Wand Control

For traversing systems, select wand pull rather than cord operation. The wand is also an easy way to open and close child-safe blinds. Wand controls are available at no charge on Stoneside vertical blinds.

Cord Cleats

Just because a window treatment has cords doesn’t mean it’s not a child- or pet-safe blind or shade. With the right safety features, these window coverings can still give you peace of mind. All Stoneside cord-operated shades and blinds come with easy-to-install cord cleats that allow you to secure cords by wrapping them around a plastic cleat mounted on the wall or window frame. Cord cleats come at no extra charge on:

If you want to know more about the range of safety features Stoneside offers on our blinds and shades, contact your local office today. Our professional design team can discuss all your options and which ones would work best with your custom window coverings.