Cellular - Vertical

When selecting a high quality product, the merger of form and function is paramount. Stoneside Cellular Shades offer a wide selection of today's fashion colors in a variety of cell sizes, opacities and textures. No matter the color, shape or size you need, Stoneside Cellular Shades will provide the ultimate in energy efficiency and light control.
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Cellular Vertical Shade

Durable even in intense sunlight, our Cellular Shades retain their rich colors, provide privacy, dampen sound and save energy.



  • Buy direct from the manufacturer
  • Buy from the middleman
  • Custom made and supported by Stoneside

  • Manufactured by and supported through third parties
  • Crafted from plush spun lace fabric

  • Made from low quality "paper like" fabric
  • White fabric to outside provides uniform look
  • Colored fabric to outside
  • Widths up to 168" wide
  • Maximum width of 96" or less
  • Custom made in the USA
  • Manufactured in other countries
  • Fabrics made in America
  • Fabrics made in other countries
  • Limited lifetime guarantee
  • Most only commit to 30 days
Light Blocking:
CS01538|Atlantis Sugar 3/4" Cell Semi Opaque P10-1146||Fine Texture|Medium CS01540|Atlantis Coconut 3/4" Cell Semi Opaque P10-1246||Fine Texture|Medium CS01542|Atlantis Magnolia 3/4" Cell Semi Opaque P10-1346||Fine Texture|Medium CS01544|Atlantis Slate Blue 3/4" Cell Semi Opaque P10-1556||Fine Texture|Medium CS01545|Atlantis Hazel 3/4" Cell Semi Opaque P10-1746||Fine Texture|Medium CS01552|Bensal Winter White 3/4" Cell Opaque P12-1259||Fine Texture|Blackout CS01554|Bensal Snow  1 1/4" Cell Opaque P41-1159||Fine Texture|Blackout CS01555|Bensal Snow 3/4" Cell Opaque P12-1159||Fine Texture|Blackout CS01557|Bensal Parchment  1 1/4" Cell Opaque P41-1754||Fine Texture|Blackout CS01558|Bensal Parchment 3/4" Cell Opaque P12-1754||Fine Texture|Blackout CS01560|Bensal Marble  1 1/4" Cell Opaque P41-1359||Fine Texture|Blackout CS01561|Bensal Marble 3/4" Cell Opaque P12-1359||Fine Texture|Blackout CS01563|Bensal Beach  1 1/4" Cell Opaque P41-1559||Fine Texture|Blackout CS01564|Bensal Beach 3/4" Cell Opaque P12-1559||Fine Texture|Blackout CS01566|Bensal Biscuit 3/4" Cell Opaque P12-1513||Fine Texture|Blackout CS01567|Bensal Wedgewood 3/4" Cell Opaque P12-1744||Fine Texture|Blackout CS01569|Bensal Ebony 3/4" Cell Opaque P12-1847||Fine Texture|Blackout CS01570|Berk Natural 3/4" Cell Opaque P13-1035||Fine Texture|Blackout CS01571|Berk Beach 3/4" Cell Opaque P13-1559||Fine Texture|Blackout CS01572|Berk Honeydew 3/4" Cell Opaque P13-1669||Fine Texture|Blackout CS01573|Berk Tea 3/4" Cell Opaque P13-1116||Fine Texture|Blackout CS01574|Berk Eggplant 3/4" Cell Opaque P13-1975||Fine Texture|Blackout CS01575|Berk Snow 3/4" Cell Opaque P13-1159||Fine Texture|Blackout CS01576|Berk Café Aul Lait 3/4" Cell Opaque P13-1487||Fine Texture|Blackout CS01577|Berk Iceberg 3/4" Cell Opaque P13-1029||Fine Texture|Blackout CS01578|Berk Manor House 3/4" Cell Opaque P13-1308||Fine Texture|Blackout CS01579|Berk Chocolate 3/4" Cell Opaque P13-1896||Fine Texture|Blackout CS01580|Berk Moonstone 3/4" Cell Opaque P13-1206||Fine Texture|Blackout CS01581|Berk Winter White 3/4" Cell Opaque P13-1259||Fine Texture|Blackout CS01582|Berk Anonymous 3/4" Cell Opaque P13-1406||Fine Texture|Blackout CS01583|Berk Nightfall 3/4" Cell Opaque P13-1469||Fine Texture|Blackout CS01584|Berk Starry Night 3/4" Cell Opaque P13-1875||Fine Texture|Blackout CS01585|Carlotta Bridal White 3/4" Cell Sheer P14-1007||Fine Texture|Light CS01586|Carlotta Downy 3/4" Cell Sheer P14-1315||Fine Texture|Light CS01587|Carlotta Dawn 3/4" Cell Sheer P14-1107||Fine Texture|Light CS01588|Carlotta Shoreline 3/4" Cell Sheer P14-1207||Fine Texture|Light CS01589|Carlotta Ebony 3/4" Cell Sheer P14-1847||Fine Texture|Light CS01590|Cascara Snow 3/4" Cell P17-1159||Fine Texture|Medium CS01592|Cascara China Doll 3/4" Cell P17-1104||Fine Texture|Medium CS01594|Cascara Quiche 3/4" Cell P17-1726||Fine Texture|Medium CS01596|Cascara Soft White 3/4" Cell P17-1651||Fine Texture|Medium CS01598|Cascara Cameo 3/4" Cell P17-1849||Fine Texture|Medium CS01600|Cascara Paper Mache 3/4" Cell P17-1169||Fine Texture|Medium CS01601|Cascara Biscuit 3/4" Cell P17-1513||Fine Texture|Medium CS01603|Cascara Dreamsicle 3/4" Cell P17-1026||Fine Texture|Medium CS01604|Cascara Tea 3/4" Cell P17-1116||Fine Texture|Medium CS01605|Cascara Cork 3/4" Cell P17-1526||Fine Texture|Medium CS01607|Cascara Meditation 3/4" Cell P17-1580||Fine Texture|Medium CS01608|Cascara Iceberg 3/4" Cell P17-1029||Fine Texture|Medium CS01610|Cascara Manor House 3/4" Cell P17-1308||Fine Texture|Medium CS01611|Cascara Chocolate 3/4" Cell P17-1896||Fine Texture|Medium CS01612|Cascara Java 3/4" Cell P17-1719||Fine Texture|Medium CS01613|Cascara Winter White 3/4" Cell P17-1259||Fine Texture|Medium CS01614|Cascara Cloud 3/4" Cell P17-1779||Fine Texture|Medium CS01616|Cascara Silver Mink 3/4" Cell P17-1059||Fine Texture|Medium CS01617|Cascara Nightfall 3/4" Cell P17-1469||Fine Texture|Medium CS01618|Cascara Rocky Coast 3/4" Cell P17-1569||Fine Texture|Medium CS01619|Cascara Anonymous 3/4" Cell P17-1406||Fine Texture|Medium CS01621|Cascara Tidewater 3/4" Cell P17-2023||Fine Texture|Medium CS01622|Cascara Copenhagen 3/4" Cell P17-3151||Fine Texture|Medium CS01623|Cascara Seaglass 3/4" Cell P17-7512||Fine Texture|Medium CS01624|Cascara Skandia 3/4" Cell P17-1009||Fine Texture|Medium CS01625|Cascara Beach 3/4" Cell P17-1559||Fine Texture|Medium CS01627|Cascara Acorn 3/4" Cell P17-1865||Fine Texture|Medium CS01628|Cascara Herb 3/4" Cell P17-1017||Fine Texture|Medium CS01630|Cascara Honeydew 3/4" Cell P17-1669||Fine Texture|Medium CS01631|Cascara Frolic 3/4" Cell P17-1547||Fine Texture|Medium CS01632|Cascara Café Au Lait 3/4" Cell P17-1487||Fine Texture|Medium CS01633|Cascara Brown Sugar 3/4" Cell P17-1809||Fine Texture|Medium CS01635|Cascara Barely Blush 3/4" Cell P17-9201||Fine Texture|Medium CS01636|Cascara Georgia Clay 3/4" Cell P17-1226||Fine Texture|Medium CS01637|Cascara Salsa 3/4" Cell P17-1906||Fine Texture|Medium CS01648|Crescent Sugar 3/4" Cell Opaque P15-1146||Fine Texture|Blackout CS01649|Crescent Coconut 3/4" Cell Opaque P15-1246||Fine Texture|Blackout CS01650|Crescent Magnolia 3/4" Cell Opaque P15-1346||Fine Texture|Blackout CS01651|Crescent Hazel 3/4" Cell Opaque P15-1746||Fine Texture|Blackout CS01652|Crescent Slate Blue 3/4" Cell Opaque P15-1556||Fine Texture|Blackout CS01653|Dafira Snow 3/4" Cell P18-1159||Fine Texture|Medium CS01654|Dafira Parchment 3/4" Cell P18-1754||Fine Texture|Medium CS01655|Dafira Marble 3/4" Cell P18-1359||Fine Texture|Medium CS01656|Dafira Beach 3/4" Cell P18-1559||Fine Texture|Medium CS01657|Dafira Biscuit 3/4" Cell P18-1513||Fine Texture|Medium CS01668|Delfino Pure White 3/4" Cell Opaque P21-1745||Fine Texture|Blackout CS01669|Delfino Antique White 3/4" Cell Opaque P21-1155||Fine Texture|Blackout CS01670|Delfino French Vanilla 3/4" Cell Opaque P21-1455||Fine Texture|Blackout CS01671|Delfino Raw Silk 3/4" Cell Opaque P21-1845||Fine Texture|Blackout CS01672|Delfino Seashell 3/4" Cell Opaque P21-1945||Fine Texture|Blackout CS01673|Devon China Doll 3/4" Cell P22-1104||Fine Texture|Medium CS01675|Devon Oyster 3/4" Cell P22-1570||Fine Texture|Medium CS01676|Devon Linen 3/4" Cell P22-1304||Fine Texture|Medium CS01678|Devon Butter 3/4" Cell P22-1244||Fine Texture|Medium CS01680|Devon Dandelion 3/4" Cell P22-1704||Fine Texture|Medium CS01682|Devon Conch 3/4" Cell P22-1312||Fine Texture|Medium CS01683|Devon Cedar 3/4" Cell P22-1014||Fine Texture|Medium CS01685|Devon Antiquity 3/4" Cell P22-1804||Fine Texture|Medium CS01687|Devon Driftwood 3/4" Cell P22-1092||Fine Texture|Medium CS01688|Devon Wild Rice 3/4" Cell P22-1034||Fine Texture|Medium CS01699|FR Semi-Opaque Snow 3/4" Cell P98-1159||Fine Texture|Blackout CS01701|FR Semi-Opaque Soft White 3/4" Cell P98-1651||Fine Texture|Blackout CS01703|FR Semi-Opaque Marble 3/4" Cell P98-1359||Fine Texture|Blackout CS01705|FR Semi-Opaque Dune 3/4" Cell P98-1709||Fine Texture|Blackout CS01727|Jago Baby Powder 2" Cell Semi Opaque P80-1305||Fine Texture|Medium CS01728|Jago Snow 2" Cell Semi Opaque P80-1159||Fine Texture|Medium CS01729|Jago Soft White 2" Cell Semi Opaque P80-1651||Fine Texture|Medium CS01730|Jago Quiche 2" Cell Semi Opaque P80-1726||Fine Texture|Medium CS01731|Jago Wicker 2" Cell Semi Opaque P80-2991||Fine Texture|Medium CS01732|Jago Beach 2" Cell Semi Opaque P80-1559||Fine Texture|Medium CS01733|Jago Chateau 2" Cell Semi Opaque P80-2820||Fine Texture|Medium CS01734|Jago Castle Gray 2" Cell Semi Opaque P80-7187||Fine Texture|Medium CS01735|Jago Cobblestone 2" Cell Semi Opaque P80-1252||Fine Texture|Medium CS01736|Javasu Pure White 3/4" Cell Semi Opaque P28-1745||Fine Texture|Medium CS01737|Javasu Daisy 3/4" Cell Semi Opaque P28-2505||Fine Texture|Medium CS01738|Javasu Contented 3/4" Cell Semi Opaque P28-3154||Fine Texture|Medium CS01739|Javasu Mineral 3/4" Cell Semi Opaque P28-1831||Fine Texture|Medium CS01740|Javasu Dovetail 3/4" Cell Semi Opaque P28-3912||Fine Texture|Medium CS01741|Javasu Raw Silk 3/4" Cell Semi Opaque P28-1845||Fine Texture|Medium CS01742|Javasu Seashell 3/4" Cell Semi Opaque P28-1945||Fine Texture|Medium CS01743|Javasu French Vanilla 3/4" Cell Semi Opaque P28-1455||Fine Texture|Medium CS01744|Javasu Rosemary 3/4" Cell Semi Opaque P28-1306||Fine Texture|Medium CS01745|Javasu Homestead 3/4" Cell Semi Opaque P28-2227||Fine Texture|Medium CS01746|Karamja Ghost 3/4" Cell Semi Opaque P29-1250||Fine Texture|Medium CS01747|Karamja Cumulous 3/4" Cell Semi Opaque P29-1150||Fine Texture|Medium CS01748|Karamja Bone 3/4" Cell Semi Opaque P29-1350||Fine Texture|Medium CS01749|Karamja Grain 3/4" Cell Semi Opaque P29-1550||Fine Texture|Medium CS01750|Karamja Sandbar 3/4" Cell Semi Opaque P29-1810||Fine Texture|Medium CS01751|Kinatu Shimmer 3/4" Cell Semi Opaque P30-1805||Fine Texture|Medium CS01752|Kinatu Midas 3/4" Cell Semi Opaque P30-1864||Fine Texture|Medium CS01753|Kinatu Silver Dollar 3/4" Cell Semi Opaque P30-1928||Fine Texture|Medium CS01754|Kinatu Morning Dew 3/4" Cell Semi Opaque P30-1286||Fine Texture|Medium CS01755|Kinatu Treasure Island 3/4" Cell Semi Opaque P30-1797||Fine Texture|Medium CS01756|Lustari Winter White 3/4" Cell Semi Opaque P31-1259||Fine Texture|Medium CS01758|Lustari Snow 1 1/4" Cell Semi Opaque P42-1159||Fine Texture|Medium CS01759|Lustari Snow 3/4" Cell Semi Opaque P31-1159||Fine Texture|Medium CS01761|Lustari Cloud 3/4" Cell Semi Opaque P31-1779||Fine Texture|Medium CS01763|Lustari Storm 3/4" Cell Semi Opaque P31-1837||Fine Texture|Medium CS01764|Lustari Wedgewood 3/4" Cell Semi Opaque P31-1744||Fine Texture|Medium CS01766|Lustari Putty 3/4" Cell Semi Opaque P31-1739||Fine Texture|Medium CS01768|Lustari Truffle 3/4" Cell Semi Opaque P31-1339||Fine Texture|Medium CS01769|Lustari Café Au Lait 3/4" Cell Semi Opaque P31-1487||Fine Texture|Medium CS01770|Lustari Stone 1 1/4" Cell Semi Opaque P42-1889||Fine Texture|Medium CS01771|Lustari Stone 3/4" Cell Semi Opaque P31-1889||Fine Texture|Medium CS01772|Lustari Latte 3/4" Cell Semi Opaque P31-1429||Fine Texture|Medium CS01773|Lustari Cream 3/4" Cell Semi Opaque P31-1235||Fine Texture|Medium CS01774|Lustari Marble 1 1/4" Cell Semi Opaque P42-1359||Fine Texture|Medium CS01775|Lustari Marble 3/4" Cell Semi Opaque P31-1359||Fine Texture|Medium CS01777|Lustari Buff 3/4" Cell Semi Opaque P31-1459||Fine Texture|Medium CS01779|Lustari Dune 3/4" Cell Semi Opaque P31-1709||Fine Texture|Medium CS01780|Lustari Biscuit 1 1/4" Cell Semi Opaque P42-1513||Fine Texture|Medium CS01781|Lustari Biscuit 3/4" Cell Semi Opaque P31-1513||Fine Texture|Medium CS01783|Lustari Parchment 3/4" Cell Semi Opaque P31-1754||Fine Texture|Medium CS01785|Lustari Beach 1 1/4" Cell Semi Opaque P42-1559||Fine Texture|Medium CS01786|Lustari Beach 3/4" Cell Semi Opaque P31-1559||Fine Texture|Medium CS01787|Lustari Cashew 3/4" Cell Semi Opaque P31-1139||Fine Texture|Medium CS01788|Lustari Nougat 3/4" Cell Semi Opaque P31-1674||Fine Texture|Medium CS01790|Lustari Cocoa 3/4" Cell Semi Opaque P31-1097||Fine Texture|Medium CS01791|Membata Silver Dollar 3/4" Cell Opaque P32-1928||Fine Texture|Blackout CS01792|Membata Midas 3/4" Cell Opaque P32-1864||Fine Texture|Blackout CS01793|Pala Old Lace 3/4" Cell Semi Opaque P34-1004||Fine Texture|Medium CS01794|Pala Sunny 3/4" Cell Semi Opaque P34-1614||Fine Texture|Medium CS01795|Pala Hemp 3/4" Cell Semi Opaque P34-1934||Fine Texture|Medium CS01796|Pala Harvest 3/4" Cell Semi Opaque P34-1204||Fine Texture|Medium CS01797|Pala Mushroom 3/4" Cell Semi Opaque P34-1544||Fine Texture|Medium CS01798|Pala Flax 3/4" Cell Semi Opaque P34-1844||Fine Texture|Medium CS01799|Pala Shadow 3/4" Cell Semi Opaque P34-1854||Fine Texture|Medium CS01800|Pala Tuxedo 3/4" Cell Semi Opaque P34-1565||Fine Texture|Medium CS01801|Riten Whitewash 4" cell Semi Opaque P82-8620||Fine Texture|Medium CS01802|Riten Sisal 4" cell Semi Opaque P82-3304||Fine Texture|Medium CS01803|Riten Tin Roof 4" cell Semi Opaque P82-2018||Fine Texture|Medium CS01804|Riten Sandpiper 4" cell Semi Opaque P82-2019||Fine Texture|Medium CS01805|Roken Crystal 4" cell Semi Opaque P84-1240||Fine Texture|Medium CS01806|Roken Seahorse 4" cell Semi Opaque P84-1202||Fine Texture|Medium CS01807|Roken Sand Dollar 4" cell Semi Opaque P84-2371||Fine Texture|Medium CS01808|Roken Reflections 4" cell Semi Opaque P84-1859||Fine Texture|Medium CS01809|Sevel Arctic 2" Cell Opaque P85-1046||Fine Texture|Blackout CS01810|Sevel Ivory 2" Cell Opaque P85-1667||Fine Texture|Blackout CS01811|Sevel Moonstone 2" Cell Opaque P85-1206||Fine Texture|Blackout CS01812|Sevel Mink 2" Cell Opaque P85-1462||Fine Texture|Blackout CS01813|Sevel Shitake 2" Cell Opaque P85-1267||Fine Texture|Blackout CS01814|Sevel Heather Gray 2" Cell Opaque P85-4001||Fine Texture|Blackout CS01815|Sorna Old Lace 3/4" Cell Opaque P26-1004||Fine Texture|Blackout CS01816|Sorna Hemp 3/4" Cell Opaque P26-1934||Fine Texture|Blackout CS01817|Sorna Mushroom 3/4" Cell Opaque P26-1544||Fine Texture|Blackout CS01818|Sorna Shadow 3/4" Cell Opaque P26-1854||Fine Texture|Blackout CS01819|Sorna Tuxedo 3/4" Cell Opaque P26-1565||Fine Texture|Blackout CS01825|Sunda Whitewash 3/4" Cell Semi Opaque P50-8620||Fine Texture|Medium CS01826|Sunda Sisal 3/4" Cell Semi Opaque P50-3304||Fine Texture|Medium CS01827|Sunda Tin Roof 3/4" Cell Semi Opaque P50-2018||Fine Texture|Medium CS01828|Sunda Sandpiper 3/4" Cell Semi Opaque P50-2019||Fine Texture|Medium CS01829|Sunda Voyage 3/4" Cell Semi Opaque P50-2215||Fine Texture|Medium CS01835|Zandia Niveous 3/4" Cell Opaque P75-1422||Fine Texture|Blackout CS01836|Zandia Prarie 3/4" Cell Opaque P75-1814||Fine Texture|Blackout CS01837|Zandia Canvas 3/4" Cell Opaque P75-1664||Fine Texture|Blackout CS01838|Zandia Willow 3/4" Cell Opaque P75-1919||Fine Texture|Blackout CS01839|Zandia Stormy Sky 3/4" Cell Opaque P75-1920||Fine Texture|Blackout CS01855|Zulin Nuthatch 3/4" Cell Opaque P68-1420||Fine Texture|Blackout CS01856|Zulin Rain Cloud 3/4" Cell Opaque P68-1830||Fine Texture|Blackout CS01857|Zulin Espresso 3/4" Cell Opaque P68-1174||Fine Texture|Blackout CS01858|Zulin Rockport 3/4" Cell Opaque P68-1740||Fine Texture|Blackout CS01859|Zulin Black Pearl 3/4" Cell Opaque P68-2121||Fine Texture|Blackout