Fire Retardant Cellular

Stoneside's collection of Fire Retardant certified shades are available in single cell, double cell, translucent and blackout fabrics.
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Flame Resistant Shades

In addition to all of the qualities of our other Cellular Shades, Stoneside's exclusive Fire Retardant Shades offer additional safety.



  • You buy direct from the manufacturer
  • You buy from the middleman
  • Custom made and supported by Stoneside

  • Manufactured and supported by third parties
  • Crafted from plush spun lace fabric

  • Made from low quality "paper like" fabric
  • White fabric to street provides uniform look
  • Colored fabric to street
  • No visible metallic blackout material
  • Metallic blackout material visible from side
  • Widths up to 120" wide
  • Maximum width 96" or less
  • Custom made in the USA
  • Manufactured in other countries
  • Fabrics made in America
  • Fabrics made in other countries
  • Limited lifetime guarantee
  • Most only commit to 30 days
Light Blocking:
CS00008|3/4" FR Blackout Banana Cream D16.953|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Blackout CS00009|3/4" FR Blackout Shell D16.907|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Blackout CS00006|3/4" FR Blackout Star Magnolia D16.951|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Blackout CS00016|3/4" FR Translucent Banana Cream D20.953|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Medium CS00017|3/4" FR Translucent Shell D20.907|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Medium CS00014|3/4" FR Translucent Star Magnolia D20.951|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Medium CS00012|3/8" FR Translucent Banana Cream D21-953|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Medium CS00013|3/8" FR Translucent Shell D21-907|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Medium CS00010|3/8" FR Translucent Star Magnolia D21-951|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Medium CS00007|3/4" FR Blackout Sunbeam D16.949|100% Polyester||Blackout CS00644|3/4" FR Translucent Sunbeam D20.949|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Medium CS00993|3/8" FR Translucent Sunbeam-D21-949|100% Polyester|Fine Texture|Medium