Wide Width Sheer Drapery - Room Service White Snow - Bedroom
Wide Width Sheer Drapery - Room Service White Snow - Bedroom

Wide Width Sheer Drapery in Boston

Create subtle moods in your space with our wide width sheer drapery. Our sheers are handcrafted in the USA and are available in 13 fabulous fabric choices, with 9 custom heading styles to choose from. The draperies can be combined with our soft Roman shades as a coordinating accent, or choose the exact same fabric to match your custom Roman shade.
  • Custom-crafted in the United States
  • 13 Wide Width Sheer selections to minimize seams on a wide window
  • 8 custom styles
  • Custom lengths and custom widths
  • Wall and ceiling mount
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Wide Width Sheer Drapery - Room Service White Snow - Bedroom

Frequently Asked Questions About Wide Width Sheer Drapery

What are wide width sheer drapery panels?

Regular drapery panels are typically crafted from a heavy fabric and lined to help block light. Sheer drapery, on the other hand, is made from lightweight, translucent fabric.

How is sheer drapery used in a home?

Wide width sheer window draperies work in rooms where you want to diffuse light and create a feeling of openness. Drapes typically hang to the floor, making sheers an ideal option for large windows or doors in spaces such as bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms. You can use them on their own or pair them with another window treatment for light and privacy control.

What window treatments work well with wide width sheer drapery?

You can combine sheers with heavier drapery panels or shades, such as Roman shades, in a coordinating color.

What sizes do the sheer draperies come in?

Custom wide width sheer drapery can be tailored to the exact measurements of your project. What’s more, we have 13 selections to minimize seams on wide windows. Available widths range from 10” to 124” and heights from 10” to 99”.

How are sheer draperies hung?

The sheer draperies can be installed with a wall or ceiling mount. The latter is helpful if you don’t have a lot of wall space between your window frame and the ceiling, or if you are using the sheers as a room divider.

How do I install the sheer drapery?

Our professional installation takes care of all the details, ensuring you get the proper fit with your new wide width sheer drapery.

How do I care for my sheer drapery?

They should be taken to a professional dry cleaner, never be laundered. You can also dust them gently or lightly vacuum them with the appropriate attachment to keep your sheer drapery looking pristine.