What is a finial?

A finial is the defining touch, an art piece that crowns your window treatment with elegance and flair. They are the decorative accents situated at the ends of drapery rods, adding a touch of aesthetic completeness to custom drapery. These intricate pieces are not just functional elements that prevent drapes from sliding off the rods but also artistic embellishments that elevate the overall look of your window décor.

How Does a Finial Enhance Your Décor?

Finials are crafted to be the jewel of drapery hardware, adding an element of sophistication and completion. They come in various designs, shapes, and finishes, allowing for a bespoke touch that complements the aesthetics of the room. A well-selected finial seamlessly integrates with the drapery, becoming a focal point that draws the eye, highlighting the window’s architecture and the elegance of the drapery.

Features of Finials

  • Aesthetic Appeal: Each finial design offers a unique aesthetic, serving as a statement piece.
  • Versatility: Available in various styles and finishes to complement any interior décor.
  • Functionality: Besides their decorative role, they secure the drapes in place.

Customization and Selection

Choosing the perfect finial is akin to selecting a piece of art. To ensure that the finial perfectly aligns with your drapery and overall interior décor, consider scheduling a design consultation. Our design professionals will assist you in exploring an array of options, ensuring a harmonious blend of style, form, and function.

Installation and Measurement

The elegance of a finial is maximized when it is perfectly sized and expertly installed. Stoneside provides detailed measurement and installation. Every step is tailored to ensure that your finial not only fits impeccably but also accentuates the grace of your window treatments.

Discover Elegance with Stoneside’s Finials

Each finial is a testament to artistic ingenuity and craftsmanship, designed to bring a touch of refinement to your window treatments. Explore our curated collection, where each piece promises to be the silent bearer of elegance, turning custom drapery into a masterpiece of aesthetic cohesion and visual appeal.

Define Finial

A finial is a functional and decorative piece of a drapery setup. The finials are at either end of the drapery rod and can come in many styles. Finials keep the drapery rings and drapery from sliding off the drapery rod.