3 Reasons To Pick Custom Drapes Over Insulated Curtains

If you’re concerned about your windows affecting the temperature of your home, you’re on the right track. It’s a well-known fact that windows make homes vulnerable to outside weather, letting in heat from the summer sun or allowing it to escape on cold winter nights. The effect is not only uncomfortable temperatures in rooms with uncovered windows but also increased energy bills, as your air conditioners or heaters have to work overtime. That’s why it’s smart to consider the insulating capabilities of your window treatments, especially if you live in places with large shifts in seasonal temperatures or have large windows throughout your home.

When it comes to insulating window treatments, there are a lot of options, but a few that stand out from the pack. Cellular shades are popular, as they hold in warm air with larger folded pleats. Insulated curtains are another option, as they can be lined with thicker fabric that keeps out the cold. Yet another, sometimes overlooked, solution for windows that need insulating are custom drapes.

Though there are obvious similarities between curtains and drapes, there are a few key differences between the two styles that make a big difference when it comes to insulation. Here are a few details of customized drapes that can make them a better alternative to insulated curtains.

  • Custom drapes are better fitted to cover every corner. When customized, drapes can be made exactly how you want them, which means they can be designed to fit the precise specifications of every window in your home. This is especially important when it comes to insulation, as you need all parts of a window completely covered for maximum efficacy. A popular fit for drapes is to break at the floor, extending past the bottom of the window, especially in living rooms and bedrooms. This additional fabric can help keep heat in or out of rooms even more. Because of their superior fabric quality, drapes are suited to this style while curtains, which tend to be thinner, are not and can sometimes look messy if they extend past the floor.
  • Drapes stay in place thanks to their high quality. Drapes are made to stay in position instead of blowing around as air moves. This is achieved in a few ways. First, drapes are made with high-quality, heavier fabrics, which minimizes any shuffling or movement. When choosing fabrics for custom drapes, you have a lot of diverse options and can choose heavier fabrics in a range of styles that will still match your home’s aesthetic. Drapes are also crafted with double hems and lead drapery weights at the seams that help keep them in place. These weights are a premium detail that you likely won’t find in off-the-shelf insulated curtains.
  • Custom drapes are more luxurious than curtains. Because drapery panels are tailor-made and come in higher-quality fabrics, they often present a more luxurious look and feel while still doing the work of insulating your home. Curtains tend to be more casual, while drapes can maintain a more formal style and high-quality look. With drapes you don’t have to sacrifice design for temperature control.

With high quality drapes, you are allowed more design choices and flexibility for your home. From measurements to fabric color and weight, customization is the key to making your window coverings look exactly how you want them. Plus, given their ability to keep out light and extreme temperatures from the outside world, they’re a perfect alternative to insulated curtains for homeowners who want something with more quality and style. If you’re still uncertain what kind of window treatment will best insulate your home, schedule a free consultation with one of our design experts today.