4 Modern Window Treatments for your Traditional Home

By: Natalie Elmhurst

Updated: 4/19/2023

Window treatments give a home so much more than just style. A high-quality window treatment can keep out unwanted glare, foster a comfortable climate and reduce energy costs, and aid security. If you have a home that is more traditionally styled, you may not think modern window treatments are a good match. Yet modern treatments come with a host of benefits that homeowners shouldn’t miss out on due to aesthetic concerns.

There are plenty of modern window treatments well suited to traditional homes. Below are a few window covering options that can add a modern touch to your house or apartment, without sacrificing the traditional style you love.

Motorized Roman shades that combine the best of old and new

Our designers note that custom Roman shades are a wonderful way to incorporate a traditional style into your windows, with luxurious layers of fabric that add elegance to any room. But there’s one way they can be taken to the next level: motorization. Motorization lets you control all kinds of blinds and shades with a remote, wall switch, or even smartphone, instead of having to manually adjust them one-by-one. When the feature is combined with Roman shades, you get all the romance of the stylish shades and all the practicality that comes with motorized functionality. Motorized Roman shades — or any motorized window treatments — can also be hooked up to a home automation system. Who says a traditional home can’t also be a smart home?

Solar shades can protect valuable furniture

Solar shades are an increasingly popular window treatment in modern homes. At first glance, they may not seem like a good fit for a traditional style, but hear us out! Solar shades have built-in UV protection, which is an important factor for traditional homes. If you have luxurious furniture or an antique rug, for example, solar shades can protect these valuable home goods from sun damage. UV rays not only fade fabrics over time, but they can also negatively affect the fibers, causing them to become weak and threadbare. By filtering out the UV rays while still letting in light for visibility, solar shades prevent this kind of damage. Plus, there’s no need to worry about their aesthetic impact. These shades can easily pair with drapes or a valance to help them fit seamlessly in a traditional home.

Faux or composite wood blinds that are easy to clean

Wood blinds are a much more attractive and traditional option than many blinds on the market, and they’re a great choice to go with a classic aesthetic. Yet faux wood and composite wood blinds have the same smart look with a few key modern advantages homeowners may want to consider. While wood blinds are sensitive to water, faux and composite wood blinds are much easier to clean. Composite wood blinds are also the most durable, able to withstand moisture and sunlight, making them a long-lasting choice that will deliver a traditional look for years to come.

Custom drapes with hundreds of fabric options

Nothing is more traditional than drapes, but these days even drapes have advantages your grandmother couldn’t have dreamed of. Modern drapes have an unprecedented level of customization available, with hundreds of fabric options that can meet any specific design and light filtering needs. And of course, they can also be paired or matched with modern treatments, whether solar or motorized shades and blinds. Though timeless, the expanded range of options makes drapes as a smart choice for homeowners as their more obviously modern counterparts.

Traditional homes can reap great rewards from modern window treatments, and choosing the right treatments means they can blend seamlessly into any home’s style. For more insight into what treatments will look best in your home, meet one of our designers by scheduling a free consultation.