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4 Types of Automated Blinds That Can Enhance Your Modern Home

Imagine being able to raise the shades in your living room when you’re on vacation 4,000 miles away. Or suppose you remember your bedroom blinds need to be closed while you’re at work. These days, you can accomplish that task right from your desk in about 10 seconds.

Just as smart phones revolutionized options for communicating, motorization brought window treatments to the next level. Today, it’s possible to operate shades and blinds with your phone, tablet, remote, wall switch or common home automation hubs. Some applications even allow you to control window treatments on a set schedule, and from virtually anywhere in the world with an accessible data connection.

How Motorization Works

As the name explains, motorized window treatments rely on a concealed motor that runs on either batteries (standard AA or specialized rechargeable) or electrical wiring (concealed in a side-hand drape or cable track, or hard-wired behind the wall). The motor is designed to partially or completely open and close the blinds or shades.

So how do you operate the motor in your window treatments from across the room or across the world? It might be through a radio wave connection from a hand-held or wall-mounted remote device, so operating shades or blinds is as easy as changing TV channels. You can also control motorized window treatments through a data connection. This is a more flexible option that enables you to move your blinds and shades with a smartphone, iPad, or one of the many home automation systems currently available—anything that uses Internet technology, and from virtually anywhere in the world - so long as you have access to a data connection such as a cellular network or Wi-Fi.

The Variety of Motorized Window Treatment Options

Here are four types of window treatments that can be motorized and automated to address any kind of decorative or practical need:

  • Roller Shades are an exceptionally versatile motorized option. They come with an assortment of light controls–from very sheer to total blackout–as well as fabrics that range from touchable textiles to playful patterns; you can select fabric, wood or metallic finishes on the valance, and many different hem styles, and pulls. Because they provide so many design choices, roller shades are ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, home offices—virtually any space that calls for a blend of decorative form and practical function.
  • Cellular Shades can be the ideal motorized choice if you’re looking for energy savings anywhere in your home, since they reduce heat loss through windows by up to 40% in winter, and block up to 80% of unwanted solar heat coming through windows in the summer. From a style standpoint, cellular shades also offer many design options, 4 opacities, and the option of Top-Down Bottom-Up lift systems, among other desirable features.
  • Solar Shades do a stellar job of blocking the sun’s rays that can fade wood flooring or furniture, as well as upholstered pieces getting direct sunlight. These shades also reduce glare and offer options that reflect heat out of the house, reducing cooling costs. And If you want to preserve a beautiful view, motorized solar solar shades let the sunshine in while keeping heat and harmful UV rays out.
  • Wood Blinds and Faux Wood Blinds are a particularly good choice for rooms where both light control and privacy are key. They come in an assortment of paints and stains to enhance any decorative look. Wood and faux wood blinds are available with different slat sizes —from 1” to 2 ½ “—to suit any sized window. And the handy motorized feature ensure those slats always open and close with ease.

Roller Shades

Cellular (Honeycomb) Shades

Solar Shades

Wood Blinds and Faux Wood Blinds

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