Different Types of Shades

Your dining room needs a dash of elegance. The breakfast nook gets too much morning light streaming through the windows. And your bedroom windows are visible from your neighbor’s yard. Privacy is key in many areas throughout your home. For all of these issues, and many others, there is one simple solution: shades.

That’s because shades are incredibly versatile. There are several different types of shades, and depending on your needs and the style of your home, you can find the right window treatment for you. With Stoneside shades, you have the added benefit of customization, allowing you to create unique window coverings for your home. You choose the color, texture, pattern, and materials, as well as decorative features, motorization options, and opacity levels that give you control over the amount of light and privacy in the rooms.

Our professional Stoneside designers are experts in advising customers on what kind of shades work best for their homes. If you want to learn more about the different types of shades to choose from, here’s a look at what we offer and some design ideas for how they can transform your space.

1. Roller Shades

Roller shades are the ultimate all-purpose window treatments. Their lines are clean, making them adaptable to any design style. Is your home traditional? Pair your roller shades with drapery for a classic look that’s never outdated. If your home leans more towards the sleek, uncluttered feel of minimalism, choosing these shades in a neutral color creates a light and airy ambiance in perfect harmony with this aesthetic.

Plus, roller shades are a natural fit in any room of your house. They make a beautiful statement in your front room’s large picture windows, as well as in smaller windows in a kitchen or child’s bedroom. The latter is an especially good place for these window treatments, as our roller shades can be ordered with extra safety features such as cordless operation and loop control. Their flexibility is enhanced with options for decorative flourishes such as hem bars and pulls, as well as for materials that provide blackout-style coverage to block light or add privacy. Best of all, when you want to take in your views or let some natural light into a room, it’s a snap to raise your shades to the level you want them to be. With all of these customization options, you can’t go wrong with roller shades.


2. Solar Shades

If you’re fortunate enough to live in a warm and sunny climate, you know there are certain times when your rooms go from being gently bathed in sunlight to flooded with it. That overwhelming glare is not only uncomfortable, but the corresponding UV exposure can also cause damage to your furniture or floors over time. Solar shades are ideal because they are specially fabricated to reduce sun exposure.

When selecting a solar shade, look at its openness factor—a lower one, say 1% or 3%, means the fabric has a tight weave that lets in little light. You can further cut down on brightness and glare with options such as KOOLBLACK® Technology that help solar shades reflect heat away from your home. As with roller shades, there are several design options you can choose from to tailor your shades to your space fully. Use solar shades in any room that faces the sun to preserve your interiors best and keep light at bay.

3. Cellular Shades

Among all the different types of shades, these definitely stand out. Cellular shades get their name from their distinctive honeycomb-style, or pleated structure. These shades add a bit of visual interest with their unique design, and like other shades, they work well in most rooms. They also allow you to enjoy Top Down/Bottom Up functionality, meaning the shades can be raised or lowered from either end. If you want to enjoy the view from your living room but still maintain a little privacy, simply lower cellular shades from the top and go halfway down.

Cellular shades can be ordered in a multitude of ways—we offer more than 300 options, based on factors such as cell size and configuration, opacity, and color. They are easy to care for, and also provide a kind of insulating buffer for your rooms. Cellular shades are an excellent fit for any type of modern home.


4. Vertical Cellular Shades

If you like the look of cellular shades, but you also need to cover large sliding doors or oversized windows, use complementary vertical cellular shades. With the same high-quality craftsmanship as our regular cellular shades, these window treatments give you the coverage you need for big spaces without sacrificing style. And like other cellular shades, they bolster your home’s energy efficiency—their insulating power can help reduce your reliance on air conditioning or heating.

5. Transitional Shades

Contemporary spaces that embrace the new call for window treatments that are equally stunning. Transitional shades are eye catching with their unique design, where dual layers of fabric create the signature horizontal striped effect. They are ideal for rooms where the amount of light entering changes throughout the day, as you can alternate the shades from sheer to opaque, depending on your needs. Transitional shades are also a welcome way to add pattern to a room’s design, which is especially fitting in modern spaces where there is an emphasis on open space, neutral palettes, and few decorative objects.


6. Roman Shades

Roman shades add a luxurious element to a room because, unlike other different types of shades, they are solely crafted from fabric. They are popular because they offer unparalleled design options. Pick a solid color that matches your family room’s palette, a lush silk damask for a formal sitting room or dining room, or opt for a beautiful print to soften a bedroom. You can even select a sturdy, more practical fabric for kitchens or laundry rooms.

At Stoneside, we provide an amazing selection of more than 300 fabrics to choose from, as well as blackout fabric add-ons, motorization, or Top Down/Bottom Up operation. They fit well with many types of windows and are uniquely elegant in a set of bay windows. Because we use only the finest high-quality fabrics, our Roman shades are beautiful yet durable, and they will look lovely in your home for years to come.

Now that you know more about the different types of shades, you can find design inspiration in our Idea Gallery, or contact the Stoneside office near you to set up a free consultation. You’ll find the exact window treatment you need with customized shades.

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