Stoneside's 6 Tips to Make Your Bedroom Feel Cozy

6 Tips to Make Your Bedroom Feel Cozy

Your bedroom isn’t just a place to sleep. This is where your day starts and ends. It might just be one of the most intentional rooms in your house.

Many researchers have found that the way we start our morning has a major impact on the entire mood of our day. Imagine waking up and falling asleep in a room that is made to provide you comfort, relaxation, and wellbeing… wouldn’t you feel happier throughout the day?

Today, we are sharing with you today 6 cozy bedroom ideas to increase your general happiness level.

1. Get Rid of Clutter

Before doing anything, getting rid of the clutter that has been accumulated in your room is crucial. Every time you go to bed your brain is actively scanning its surrounding. If it is messy, there will be a lot more content to scan, giving your mind more things to think and worry about.

Clutter is known to bring anxiety. So let’s give your mind a break and get rid of all the clutter around your bedroom. Move things to a different room, remove completely stuff that doesn’t serve you anymore, and only keep items that truly make you happy!

2. Add Personalized Decoration

This is your safe space. Make it personal. We all have a unique style and by honoring it you will feel more at peace as well. Whether it is by adding family pictures, art from your favorite artist, objects from a past trip, or an inspiring quote… Make sure to select items that bring you joy and comfort when you look at them.

Stoneside | 6 Tips to Making Your Bedroom Feel Cozy

3. Create a Sacred Place for Yourself

It doesn’t have to be a huge space if your bedroom is rather small, it is ok! But dedicate a corner or an area of your room where you can really center yourself. You can retreat there to meditate, read, journal, practice yoga… Add a chair or a few pillows and some objects that are close to your heart. This is also a great place to have candles that will be very soothing or an essential oil diffuser. Having a dedicated space for yourself will help you to start and end the day feeling grounded. Decide to spend just 5 minutes there every morning and night and see the effect it will have on you.

Stoneside | 6 Tips to Make Your Bedroom Feel Cozy

4. Welcome Nature Inside

Having plants in your bedroom is going to be a game-changer. You want to welcome the power of plants and nature indoors as it will bring many benefits to the room.

Having living plants in your bedroom will brighten up the space, it will help purify the air as they absorb some of the toxins present in the air, it also helps reduce stress.

Before picking a plant for your room, make sure to understand the environment first. Does your bedroom get enough natural light? Does it get warm or cold? Those are aspects you will want to know to make sure you are selecting a plant that can thrive in that environment.

Stoneside | 6 Tips to make Your Bedroom Feel Cozy

5. Add Textiles

Treat yourself to new sheets that are comfortable and delicate. Add extra pillows and throw blankets that are fluffy and soft.

Choose natural materials such as cotton, wool, cashmere, linen.

Stoneside | 6 Tips to Make Your Bedroom Feel Cozy
Stoneside | 6 Tips to Make Your Bedroom Feel Cozy

6. Blackout Window Treatments

Having blackout shades or curtains will help you feel cozier as well as increase your sleep quality. Mix it with soft warm lighting options to dim the light for bedtime and create the coziest atmosphere.

Stoneside | 6 Tips to Make Your Bedroom Feel Cozy

Let’s get cozy! Use these tips to update your bedroom and indulge in that comfortable space.