8 Designer Blinds and Window Treatments That Will Make Your Home Swoon Worthy

Windows reveal so much about a home. Just as a bad haircut can ruin even the most expensive outfit, lackluster window treatments can make a well-designed room look downright drab. Designer blinds and window treatments are a great solution for this problem. Unlike budget blinds, an elegant, custom, and high-quality window treatment truly brings everything together, enhances the look and feel of a home, and in some cases can even be the visual centerpiece of a room. Here are a few examples of how designer blinds (and shades and drapes) can elevate your home and make any room absolutely swoon-worthy.

  • Solar screens that protect you from the sun (while protecting your view). It’s a common conundrum: on a sunny day you want some shade, but don’t necessarily want to obscure the view from your windows. Designer solar screens make it so you don’t have to choose. With powerful UV blocking abilities, and a variety of different styles and opacities, solar screens let you see the world around your home even on the brightest days.
  • Blackout shades that deliver unparalleled tranquility—and style. Blackout shades and blinds have an important task: to prevent any light from entering a windowed room. Yet sometimes, in order to achieve their goal, blackout treatments sacrifice style for function. With designer blinds or shades, though, your windows can multitask: fully blocking the light and adding a stylish touch, too.
  • Top-down bottom-up cellular shades that can let in light and maintain privacy. If you want to let in some light, but don’t want to let in peeping neighbors, top-down bottom-up shades like these are the way to go. Their flexible opening and closing mechanism means you can simultaneously have full control of your room’s lighting and visibility to the outside world.
  • Roller shades that add tropical flare to any room. If you don’t think window treatments could possibly remind you of your Caribbean vacation, think again. A huge advantage of designer shades is that they can come in a wide variety of materials and styles, including these stunning shades made with “Tahiti Bone” material that turns any room into a tropical paradise.
  • Transitional shades can bring a new level of fun. All the rooms in your house don’t look the same, so why should your window treatments? With so many styles and fabrics to choose from, designer shades let you match the unique style (and mood) of each room. As these transitional shades show, that means you can opt for more fun fabrics in the livelier corners of your home.
  • Cellular shades with fabric that matches your aesthetic. So often, window treatments come in neutral tones, and for some rooms that's a smart choice. But in rooms featuring a prominent accent color, there’s no reason shades or blinds can’t be part of the equation. Just look at these custom cellular shades in a distinctive shade of blue. A pop of color goes a long way, and custom shades can weave seamlessly into any colorful aesthetic.
  • Roman shades that can be the accent piece in a neutral room. On the other hand, designer blinds or shades can themselves be the accent. Instead of painting an accent wall or having a sofa that stands out, a beautifully designed window treatment can draw the eye and give a more neutrally designed room a little more life, like these flat roman shades demonstrate.
  • Vertical blinds that can make any room cozy. A room with enormous windows may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you imagine somewhere “cozy.” But with the right designer treatment, your windows can work for you. That means even large windows can create a relaxing, intimate atmosphere with custom vertical blinds that keep the world out and give you peace of mind.

These are just a few examples of how designer blinds and shades can be used to make your home envy-inducing. To learn more or get started on elevating your window treatments, contact us to schedule a free consultation.