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Are Custom Blinds Worth It?

By: Natalie Elmhurst

Updated: 8/29/2023

If you’re shopping for new window treatments for the first time or looking to change out some old ones, you may find yourself asking if custom blinds are worth it. There’s no doubt that custom blinds have higher up-front costs. Can the benefits actually be worth the price? Just how much of a difference can there be between custom blinds and off-the-shelf ones?

We can compare custom blinds with standard ones in the way that a custom-fitted suit is so much better than an off-the-rack one, but the reality is that custom blinds are so much more than well-fitted window coverings. Unlike a suit, you will be using your blinds all day, every day for many years, possibly even decades. Investing in new window treatments is an enormous decision.

The value of custom blinds is indeed seen in their improved fit, but it also extends to their better light and privacy control, superior energy efficiency, and a greater number of options for customization. And the benefits don’t end there. In this post, we’ll explore how standard and custom blinds differ, why the added cost may be worth it for you, and how custom window treatments may not be all that expensive in the long term.

How Do Custom and Standard Blinds Differ?

Before we examine the benefits of custom blinds, it’s important that we understand how they differ from standard ones. In general, there will be five ways in which the two differentiate themselves.

1. Price: Due to mass production in a limited number of sizes and styles, often using cheaper materials, standard blinds have a lower sticker price than their custom counterparts.

2. Quality: Custom blinds use better materials and are made-to-order, resulting in a better-made product with fewer flaws.

3. Fit: Custom window coverings are cut to fit your unique windows perfectly. Standard coverings will come in a range of predetermined sizes that may or may not fit your windows well.

4. Customization: Standard blinds typically come as-is, while custom ones can have added features like cordless design or motorization added in.

5. Service: Services tend to be very limited with standard blinds, and you may be at the mercy of a store employee with limited experience. With custom blinds at Stoneside, you have expert knowledge to help guide you from selection to installation.

Fits Your Windows Perfectly

Arguably, the biggest benefit of custom window treatments is that they are constructed to exact measurements. Window sizes are not standardized, and there’s no guarantee that your windows will be the same size as what a big-box retailer thinks a “normal sized” window should be. After measuring your windows, either on the interior frame or the outer one, depending on the window treatment you select, Stoneside will manufacture your custom blinds to the perfect size. This is especially beneficial when it comes to energy efficiency, light management, and privacy.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Custom window treatments are amazing at improving your home’s energy efficiency. Windows are notorious for letting heat-causing sunlight in during the summer and letting your house’s heating escape during winter. Hanging cellular shades or other high-quality blinds is a great way to insulate your windows and save money on your utility bill. But if your window coverings don’t fit well, you won’t see as many benefits. Oftentimes, improved energy efficiency can justify custom blinds’ added costs as they’ll save you money over the years to come.

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Superior Light Control

A well-fitting set of blinds or shades will let you make sure you can block light as needed. For many, this is one of the chief benefits of custom treatments. Perfectly fitted blinds can help you sleep better at night or more fully immerse yourself during movie night by blacking out windows completely.

Secured Privacy

The final reason that having a well-fitting window treatment matters so much is that you can rest assured that your privacy will be protected. Even if you live in a place where you don’t have to worry about people peeking into your home, it’s nice to know that you can keep your private life private with custom blinds.

More Options Available

As the name suggests, standard blinds come in a standard range of options. Basically, what you see is what you get. However, you can personalize your blinds and add specialized features with custom blinds.

- Designs and materials: Within a single type of window treatment, there are hundreds if not thousands of different combinations to choose from when it comes to the type of material, design, opacity, and more. Being able to customize your blinds perfectly to your space is undoubtedly one of their chief benefits.

- Cordless: If you have small kids, you can select a cordless design for your blinds to ensure that there’s no risk of someone being injured by dangling cords.

- Motorization: Add motorization to custom blinds to modernize your home to the max. This allows you to control your blinds from anywhere in the world with a device and data connection. You can also automate your blinds to have them adjust on a predetermined schedule.

Increase Your Home’s Value

If the time comes that you decide to sell your home, custom blinds can increase its curb appeal and net you a higher closing price. A home’s curb appeal—meaning the attractiveness of a home when viewed from the sidewalk—is akin to a first impression when meeting someone, and first impressions tend to shape our views going forward. So, while the initial cost of custom blinds may give you pause, looking at them as a long-term investment in your home’s value is a way to put their cost into perspective.

Professional Service with Stoneside

The value of custom blinds isn’t seen only in the blinds themselves but in the ancillary services accompanying them. What this means is that when you buy blinds from Stoneside, you get the following services:

- Design consultation: Stoneside offers a free design consultation where a professional designer will work with you to explore options and discuss what kind of treatments are best for you and your windows.

- Professional assistance: Unlike big-box stores, Stoneside’s team of professionals specializes solely in window treatments. That means we’ll always be able to answer your questions and provide you with meaningful assistance whenever you need help.

- Superior installation: Stoneside employs a team of in-house professional installers to make sure you get the best service when it comes to installation. Better yet, we provide you with the installer’s direct access phone number so that you can call them directly without having to navigate a 1-800 number.

Rely on Stoneside for the Best Custom Blinds

A perfect fit, improved energy efficiency and light management, additional designs, and increasing your home’s value are some of the reasons custom blinds are better than standard ones. And with Stoneside’s unparalleled customer service, leading us to be rated #1 in America, it’s easy to see why so many people choose to rely on us when buying window treatments. Once you’ve checked out our buying guide and learned everything there is to know about window treatments, don’t hesitate to contact us right away and get started on finding the best window treatments you’ve ever owned.