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The Best Window Blinds for Shallow Windows

By: Natalie Elmhurst

Updated: 1/15/2024

Finding the right window treatments or blinds for shallow windows is one of the most challenging tasks for any designer or homeowner. On the bright side, the process is much simpler when you know where to look for quality window treatments that can fit. Stoneside has a wide selection of window treatments, allowing you to find a range of options for your shallow windows, from shallow-depth window blinds to flowing drapery. Once you discover all the possibilities for your shallow-depth windows, you’ll have no trouble finding a look that you love.

How To Decide on Window Treatments for Shallow Windows

Shallow windows are sleek and practical, but they can take some extra thought and consideration to find the proper window treatment for. The biggest challenge in choosing treatments or blinds for shallow windows is that you have limited space inside the window frame. Of course, this limited space makes it more difficult to mount your window treatments.

If you choose the wrong treatments, the hardware might stick out from the frame and affect the aesthetic and design of the space. When purchasing window treatments for shallow windows, you should choose an option that highlights the room while still creating a neat, organized look.

It is also important to know which treatments to avoid for shallow windows. Steer clear of using treatments like outside-mount blinds, which will look disorganized and messy on top of a shallow window frame. You also want to avoid custom treatments that won’t fit the frame well enough to prevent light from sneaking in around the sides.

The Best Treatments and Blinds for Shallow Windows

Although it can seem daunting to find a window treatment that fits your shallow windows, you have more options than you might think. When choosing window treatments for shallow windows, just be sure to choose an option that will fit the window frame or work outside of it while creating a clean and consolidated look. Fortunately, the following options can do just that.

Inside-Mount Blinds

When sized and designed properly, blinds can still work well for shallow windows. Using inside-mount blinds for shallow windows creates a neat and orderly look that fits both traditional and modern design styles. Blinds themselves also feature multiple options depending on your preferred look and material. From charming wood blinds to more durable faux wood blinds, you have plenty of choices to fit your preferences.

To top it off, the blind installation process is simple enough for anyone to handle, making blinds a more attractive option for the DIY enthusiast. Still, remember that inside-mount blinds need at least 3/4 to 1 inch of space to fit inside the window frame—otherwise, the mounting hardware may not sit flush with the frame. However, combining shallow-depth window blinds with other treatment options can help cover up the hardware and provide the best of both worlds.

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Inside-mount Roller Shades

When mounted inside the window frame, roller shades provide a crisp and clean look mixed with practicality. By purchasing custom-sized roller shades, you can fit them to your exact window size to both filter out light and complement the shape of the shallow window. Roller shades come in a range of fabric options and patterns, so you can make this treatment option work in almost any interior design style.

They are also great for letting in natural light, as you can easily roll the shades up or down depending on your mood. For a similar appearance that offers extra insulation, you can turn to cellular shades or solar shades and save on your energy bill.

Inside-mount Roman Shades

Another excellent window treatment that blends fashion with functionality is roman shades. Mounted inside the window frame, roman shades can be custom fit to the width of the window to consolidate their unique appearance in a shallow frame.

Roman shades fit well in more traditional design styles that focus on decoration and warmth. Plus, with many fabric patterns and colors, they can work with any theme or color palette. Like roller shades, roman shades can easily be adjusted depending on when you want natural light and when you want privacy. Thanks to their thick fabric, they are especially great for both light filtering and privacy.

Window Valances and Cornices

Window valances and cornices are both great choices for shallow windows, especially when combined with other window treatments. Valances consist of a single curtain rod or board and free-flowing fabric hanging down from it. Meanwhile, window cornices are similar but made from fabric attached completely to a sturdy board.

Both valances and cornices can help create an additional visual appeal for shallow windows. Since they are mounted at the top of the window, they can hide any extra hardware sticking out. Plus, the different fabric designs can add an extra pop of color or texture to the overall space and complement your current interior design style.

Stoneside Custom Roman Shades

Outside-Mount Drapes

For a different approach, you can also use outside-mount drapes to outline your shallow windows. Using custom drapery for your window treatments is always a wonderful way to add a touch of luxury to any home design style—all without taking up the limited space inside the window frame. As a result, this is the best option for windowsills less than an inch deep.

Drapes are also one of the easiest window treatments to install over shallow windows. Instead of fighting to fit the hardware inside the frame, you can easily mount the rod over the window in a matter of minutes.

Custom drapes combine the benefits of practicality and style. They are easy to pull back and let light in or close and let the fabric design command the space without the risk of gaps where light can sneak in. And, with so many fabric options, you have a ton of potential in your hands to fit your favorite design style or color palette.

Find the Perfect Blinds for Shallow Windows at Stoneside

Although it can seem like a challenge, finding treatments or blinds for shallow windows is much easier when you have quality options. Stoneside’s wide selection of window treatments and designs means you’ll never run out of options.

Whether you prefer shallow-depth window blinds or outside-mount drapes, Stoneside is here to help you create the perfect appearance for your windows. For extra support in finding the right window treatments, schedule a free design consultation today.