Pleated drapery panels pop against moody arched windows in this stunning sunroom by Terracotta Design Build

The Best Window Treatment Ideas for Arched Windows (With Pictures!)

By: Natalie Elmhurst

Updated: 8/1/2023

Looking for window coverings for your arched windows? We’re sharing our favorite inspirational pics for arched window treatment ideas.

Arched windows are one of those interior design features we love to see. Unlike standard window shapes, arched windows add that extra element that has homeowners falling in love with their homes. Charming and unique, arched windows are always a beautiful addition to any space.

But like other unique interior features, it can be a challenge when it comes to making rooms functional.

How can you enjoy your arched windows if the sun is scorching your interior in the afternoons, making the room feel more like a sauna than your living room?

Not to mention the privacy issue. You love your neighbors, but you aren’t exactly hoping for everyone to see inside whenever they pass by or look out their window.

The good news is that interior designers have often faced this challenge and come up with creative solutions. And lately? Their designs are simply inspirational.

Check out our recommendations below, and soak up the interior designer approach to arched windows.

What window coverings do best for arched windows?

Among interior designers and homeowners alike, arched windows remain a favorite feature. So how do we handle adding window coverings to such a unique element?

The top choices for window coverings for arched windows:

Drapery by Workshop ADP

The design team at Workshop APD just nailed these ceiling-mounted drapery panels above the arches, in our opinion.


Drapery is the number one choice of interior designers highlighting arched windows. Part of the reason for this is their versatility. Not only do they add extra climate control, light filtration, and privacy, but they also have physical features that make them a top candidate.

The best part about drapes when it comes to arched windows? Their mounting. Some window treatments need specific mounts that would make them a challenge for arched windows, but drapery can be set above the top of the arch or just below it, depending on where you want your drapes to cover.

For example, in this design, the mounting is actually from the ceiling, a genius design allowing the drapes to cover the entire arch while not sacrificing wall space — all while drawing your eye up and making these ceilings appear super high and dramatic.

Roman Shades

Roman shades, similar to drapery, are a favorite for arched windows. Arched windows and high-end, luxurious window treatments tend to complement each other, so drapery and roman shades are a fantastic option.

In most cases, roman shades are installed on smaller arched windows right at the base of the arch, so the shade drops along the length of the window, leaving the arch at the top providing plenty of natural light.

Cellular Shades

An underdog that packs a punch, cellular shades are another top performer no matter what window they’re used on.

Cellular shades hold the record for offering the most climate control of any window treatment. Plus, with Stoneside’s top down, bottom up option, this window covering is privacy’s best friend.

When it comes to arched windows, cellular shades are particularly well suited because they’re mounted within the window frame. There is no light gap, and no window treatment taking up space beyond the window. This treatment, like roman shades, is often mounted just below the arch, leaving the top space open for more natural light.

Drapery by Lindye Galloway

Darkening drapery panels make this jaw-dropping space by Lindye Galloway the ultimate lounging spot. Bright and airy by day, dark and movie-ready by night — a simple adjustment of the window treatments is all you need.

Even though you have options for your arched window coverings, drapery is a clear winner when it comes to interior designer preferences.

For larger arches, you need a window covering to complement the drama of such a large design feature, without taking away the attention of the window.

That’s exactly what happens here.

As stunning as it is, this arch would prove to be a challenge if left unchecked, creating a privacy issue and letting in too much light. No one wants to be uncomfortable in their own space, and watching a family movie on that big screen without glare should be convenient, not a hassle.

Luckily, these draperies bring a bit of moody warmth and hang ready to darken the space for movie nights.

Drapery by Studio Thomas

This super-sized arched window is expertly softened by luscious sheer drapery. Topped with a valance for a bit of structure, the design team at Studio Thomas knew exactly how to make this arched window shine.

What about an even bigger arch, like this one here.

A window this large almost always needs some form of treatment, as privacy, climate, glare, and even sound may be too overwhelming without something to dampen the effect of such a large window. In this case, the designer expertly added a valance to balance out the impressive length of the drapes, and made sure the drapes didn’t block out all the natural light.

Light filtration is extremely important, no matter the type of window, so finding a balance between keeping that natural light while still giving the desired control takes a special kind of skill.

Drapery by Yond Interiors

In this stunning space by Minneapolis-based Yond Interiors, sweeping arched windows sit atop french doors, connecting indoor and outdoor spaces. They nailed the window treatments here, choosing drapery that’s both highly functional and absolutely gorgeous.

Sometimes, an arch isn’t the only unique design feature you face.

This beauty is not only an arched window but also doubles up with patio doors just beneath. These homeowners undoubtedly still want access to the doors, but with a wall of windows, climate, privacy, and light filtration will be a top priority.

These window coverings go just above the doors, giving just enough control to help with those desires while still maintaining the design features that the patio doors and the arched window provides.

Talk about a design mic drop!

More inspirational pictures for drapes and arched windows

Even though the space is limited to add a window treatment, these drapes perfectly frame this arched window, balancing the space and appearing as if they were installed right with the window itself.

Drapery by Nate Burkus

We adore this thoughtful, understated design by Lauren Buxbaum Gordon, a partner at Nate Burkus.

Have we mentioned arched windows that are smaller? Even these beauties do well when paired with a drape, and in a traditional style of home, they’re the perfect partners.

Drapery by ahouseabovetheriver

The pleated drapes are the perfect pairing with elaborate crown moldings and these sweet little arches.

Roman Shades by Gordon Dunning

The design team at Gordon Dunning absolutely nailed it with these striking Roman shades nestled below each arch.

Roman shades for arched windows

Still looking for just the right window treatment for your arched window? Roman shades might be just what you’re looking for. Smaller and less dramatic, roman shades still feel classic and luxurious but fit more snuggly with your arched windows.

Need a picture for inspiration? Check out these perfectly selected roman shades in these arched windows.

With this option, you keep the natural light that arched windows deliver so beautifully, without sacrificing the need for a bit of privacy during meal times.

Enjoy your arched windows to the fullest, with window treatments that highlight their beauty

Window coverings should never take away from the beauty of your arched windows, or any window for that matter. The right window treatment will complement and highlight your window so that you gain all the control that window treatments offer without making any sacrifices.

It can be intimidating to make that choice for your interior. How do you know which window covering will work best for your arched windows? Are drapes really the best choice?

With Stoneside, we put all those questions (and the anxiety) to rest. Our design consultants are experts who will guide you every step of the way, so your experience with investing in your home feels stress-free and satisfying.

Reach out to us today and schedule your free consultation. You’ll get hands-on support and plenty of inspiration for all of your arched windows and any others you may have.

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