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Your Basic Guide To The Best Window Coverings for Large Windows

By: Natalie Elmhurst

Updated: 6/27/2023

Enjoy your large window more with the right window coverings

We know you LOVE your home’s oversized windows. You’ve got breathtaking views you would never want to do without.

But the afternoons tend to be hot from all the afternoon sun, and you find yourself retreating from common areas to find more comfort in the cooler areas of the house. In the evenings, you’d rather have a tad more privacy than you currently do.

All in all, there are times when you wish you had just a bit more control over your windows.

You need to find the best window covering for your large windows. We’re here to deliver.

When it comes to large windows, proper window coverings are worth careful consideration. It can be challenging when you don’t know where to begin, but we always recommend starting your search with a list of priorities. Ask yourself if you need:

  • Privacy
  • Light control
  • Insulation
  • Sound dampening
  • Motorization (for easy manipulation) or home automation to go hands-free
  • UV protection
  • A specific style to match your home decor

These are all great areas to focus on. Once you determine your priorities, you’ll be able to determine the best window covering for your large windows.

We’re here to help you discover which window treatment styles will (and won’t) work best for you.

To choose the best window coverings for large windows, you’ll need a thorough understanding of your options.

We’ve scoped out our inventory and carefully selected a few to highlight. These window treatments are ones we believe offer the most value for our clients with large windows.

Stoneside Custom Roller Shades

Use vertical blinds for expansive views and controlled light

Vertical blinds are often overlooked, but we’re here to challenge that. Vertical blinds have come a long way; with new technology and design, vertical blinds offer effective light control and privacy for those with large windows in their home.

Vertical blinds are designed to fit your window perfectly — they’re mounted so that the light gap around the edges of your window is minimal, optimizing privacy and light control. Safety is also one of their best features, as they come with cordless options to minimize risk to children and pets.

These days, our favorite vertical blinds can come in an ‘S’ curve, in which the material overlaps more snugly than standard vertical blinds. Each slat is curved in an “S” shape, rather than the classic slightly curved “C” shape. This ‘S’ curve allows the vertical blind to nestle into the adjacent slat, keeping the look unified and attractive, and giving even more light blocking capability.

Our vertical blinds are crafted from many different material options, including softer cloth as opposed to the classic vinyl. Vertical blinds offer you an array of looks for your large windows, from textured and dynamic to clean and simple.

Cellular shades optimize energy efficiency for large windows

Looking for something with a little more oomph? Cellular shades are one of the best window coverings for large windows for two reasons: adaptability and insulation.

Cellular shades are a major contender in the large window covering market because they can come with a top-down, bottom-up option. With this design, you’ll be able to manipulate these babies right into your ideal position.

Not concerned with privacy at the tip-top of your large windows? Your cellular shade’s top-down option will let in light, without exposing your interior to unwanted sunlight or your neighbor's curious glances.

Adaptability is a huge benefit of cellular shades… but it’s not its biggest. Cellular shades were crafted with one main thing in mind: insulation. Cellular shades are designed with a hexagonal “honeycomb” shape that traps air and battles temperature fluctuations. This honeycomb structure can be supplemented with a dual-layered cellular shade, found in our high-achieving Olympus line.

With cellular shades, you keep temps cool in the summer and warm in the winter, easing your energy bill and appeasing your bank account.

Roller shades are a top choice for large modern window coverings

Ahh, roller shades. Particularly suited to modern spaces but versatile enough for traditional homes, the roller shade is a favorite of ours — and our customers. These streamlined shades are one of the best window coverings for large windows because of their simple design, sleek stack, and effective functionality.

Roller shades provide a flat, modern look that can be softened with different textures and materials. Their modern style is most evident in the lack of multiple layers or a draped effect (found in window coverings like roman shades or drapery). Roller shades feature minimalist design, (on trend in recent years) with no indication they’ve had their time in the sun. If anything, roller shades are more popular than ever.

These beauties are perfect if you like having options; they’re available in everything from slight light filtration to room darkening for ultimate light control. With roller shades, you’ll get to decide the exact specifics for style, design, and functionality for your large window coverings.

Looking for more UV protection? Consider solar shades to help minimize UV exposure, glare, and heat transference.

Stoneside Custom Drapery

Sheer draperies are the perfect companion to your large windows and great views

Sheer drapes are breathtaking. When you opt for longer window treatments that extend the full length of your windows, you capitalize on the look of your window treatments whether they are open or closed. Elegant and timeless, these breezy window coverings are one of the best for large windows because they tend to pull your eye upwards — making those showstopping windows feel even more wow-worthy.

You’ve got large windows, and one of the reasons you love them is their feeling of connection to the outdoors. Why not bring the outside in? With sheer drapery, this unobstructed view of the outside creates the illusion of a much larger space and keeps your room feeling fresh and open.

See? Even though you’re looking into a window “covering,” there’s no need to give up what you love most about your home’s large windows.

Motorized window treatments are key for your large windows

Can you imagine having to manually open and close all those window treatments? Often, physically manipulating window treatments on large windows can be cumbersome and a pain. This is especially challenging with big windows.

Ditch that inefficiency and go for something quick and simple: motorized window treatments.

With motorization, those large window treatments can be opened and closed all at the same time with the touch of a button. Home automation takes it one step further and allows you to put those window treatments on a timer from your central home hub.

With automatic window coverings, you’ve got the power without even lifting a finger — or having to remind yourself to open and close your coverings every day.

Choose the right window treatment for your large windows with confidence

These window coverings may be some of the best for large windows, but they aren’t your only options. How do you know what’s right for your specific windows?

We’ve got good news for you: with Stoneside, we don’t believe in guessing. When you partner with us, our design experts make sure you’re getting everything you need to know to make the best decision for your home.

We never pressure you to make a hasty decision, and we believe in providing you with a white glove experience even before you become our customer.

We provide you with a personal design consultant that helps you uncover just how your window treatment should work, and which design will go best with your interior.

Ready to enjoy those large windows to the fullest? Reach out today to connect with a local window treatment design expert.