Blinds Installation: Expect to Answer These Common Customer Questions

You have two main objectives when working on a blinds installation project: install a great window treatment and, more importantly, make your customer happy. Keeping your customers satisfied involves helping meet their unique window covering needs and being able to answer any questions they have about the process. As a designer, this type of blinds installation may be a walk in the park as it is something that’s part of your career and everyday life. But for many customers, investing in a window treatment may come with some uncertainty about cost, design, timeline, impact on their home, and longevity. They’ll most likely have lots of questions on these topics and, by anticipating some of the most frequently asked questions, you can make sure you’re prepared with answers that give them the information they need and put their minds at ease.

After all, they’ve hired you for your expertise, and it’s your job to help them understand the ins and outs of the task at hand. So here are some of the most common customer questions about blinds installation. Make sure that for every project, you consider these aspects and are ready to answer them when they come up.

Can I just install the blinds myself?

Customers looking to save additional money may wonder if they can just take the final blinds installation step into their own hands. However, this is not the best idea. They’ve already chosen a custom experience and worked with you to select the best window treatment for their unique needs. Going DIY at the end is like putting store-bought icing on a gourmet cake. Remind your customers that having an expert install their blinds is the best way to make the process seamless and to make sure errors aren’t made when it comes to measurement and hardware. A high-quality installation will prevent future snafus, creating a long-lasting window treatment that saves them money in the long run.

How long will the blinds take to install?

Customers have already spent time working with you to select the best window treatments for their home and now they’re ready to get them up. Naturally, they’ll be eager to wrap up the project ASAP and will want to know how long the installation will take. Try to have a realistic estimate of the timeline based on the individual project and set their expectations, so customers can understand the time investment and plan accordingly.

Will they be installed inside or outside the window mounting?

This is a question that should come up before or during the measurement stage of any blinds installation project since the answer will determine the width of the window treatment. The answer, of course, depends on the window. Typically, inside the window mounting is the most common, but windows that are shallow or a unique shape may need to consider blinds installed on the outside.

How can I keep the blinds clean once they’re installed?

Like any part of the home, blinds can slowly accumulate dust over time, so the best way to keep them clean is to dust them regularly. When a higher level of cleaning is needed, it’s important to keep in mind the material of the blinds. For example, you’ll want to remind customers not to use harsh cleaners or scratching surfaces on wood blinds. Typically a microfiber cloth and gentle cleaning agent is ideal and, to get out the dust that may be stuck in the crevices, a vacuum with an attachment can help as well.

What does my warranty cover?

As with any investment, many customers will opt for a warranty on their blinds purchase to ensure satisfaction and anticipate any accidents that may occur in the months or years to come. What exactly their warranty entails will depend on the specific plan they buy and you should familiarize yourself with all the plans you work with so the customers can rely on you to buy the plan that best suits their needs. Stoneside offers a warranty with every job at no extra cost, so it's a great value add to customers.

These aren’t all the questions customers will have about blinds installation, but they are some of the most common. For more insights on questions consumers have about window treatments, check out our Resources page.