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Here's How to Bring 2021's Best Color Palettes to Your Home

Whether you love to stay on-trend or prefer to keep things classic, the best paint colors of 2021 offer the best of both worlds.

Need a little refresh? Over time, our homes need a little pick-me-up as much as we do. And our spaces can give us the mental and emotional boost we’re craving.

After all -did you know color has a direct effect on how your home feels? It might be time to give your home that boost it’s needing by bringing your home’s color palette into 2021.

Concerned about updating your color palette because new colors might clash with your already decorated home? Don’t stress! Many of 2021’s top color trends are neutral, so you’ll be able to update your home without having to re-do your entire color scheme.

If you’re looking for some neutrals that are anything but boring, check out 2021’s top colors below.

Sherwin Williams: Urbane Bronze

This natural color will give you the sophisticated update you’re looking for, and it effortlessly pairs with other neutrals, too. Warm grays and other organic colors mix easily with Urbane Bronze, so you might find your home decor already has great pairing options to spotlight.

Dulux: Brave Ground

Similar in sophistication and palette, Dulux: Brave Ground will take a step beyond your classic neutral to provide more depth. Smooth and natural, ‘Brave Ground’ pairs well with a bold color of your choice, creating a calming backdrop to bring the feel of nature in from the outside.

Thinking of adding a little zhush to your space? These top 2021 color palettes take the guesswork out of finding a new color palette. Each expertly-chosen hue pairs beautifully with another, so you can select a couple to create a style all your own.

PPG Palette of the year Transcend, Misty Aqua, and Big Cypress colors hint at nostalgia but demand a spotlight for 2021’s top color choices. Warm and calm with a “splash of joy,” PPG’s palette of the year is a great color palette for a comforting, earthy, and fresh home.

Jotun Lady Color Collection

This bundle of timeless hues highlights the best of nature, much like the other top colors of 2021. This collection includes minty blue greens, earthy neutrals, and muted reds for an elegant look. With this palette, you’ll have the power to subtly mix and match for seamless decor that naturally blends.

Farrow and Ball

Unlike the softer collections, Farrow and Ball’s Nordic Edit comes with surprise bursts of color. Danish Lawn is a direct, bold green reminiscent of a hot summer afternoon.

Feeling extra bold? Babouche is a vibrant, “cheerful” yellow sure to bring a brighter atmosphere into any room.

The Nordic Edit’s neutrals are crisp but calming. Overall, this palette effortlessly combines elements of coastal, modern, and urban.

2021’s Top colors give you endless choices for updating your home. But before you grab a paint bucket and brush, pause for a moment. Painting a room is an obvious choice for color rejuvenation, but you don’t have to tackle all your walls. If you’d rather avoid a messy weekend project, we’ve got other, easier ways to bring these top colors into your home.

Go small by matching decor and accessories.

Adding a colorful home refresh for 2021 doesn’t have to be complicated. Get an instant refresh by adding colorful throws, pillows, and accent decor into your space. If you repeat a color in smaller doses, you allow the color to spread throughout the room, and even better — your home. Replicating colors throughout your home brings a cohesive feel and eye-pleasing appeal.

Instead of focusing on the larger decor, focus on smaller accessories. This can be anything from artwork and trinkets on display to desk lamps and houseplant pots. Do you have baubles and knick-knacks on your shelves? Choose a color to add and make your display stand out with your chosen color from your palette. The key is to spread out the color using different pieces to add style and cohesion.

Instead of doing a complete interior repaint, focus your energy on adding in those eye-catching elements. Accents like window treatments are a great way to refresh your palette instantly. The process is easier and there’s no wasted energy, yet the results are dramatic enough to feel that update your craving.

Small decor and accessories not quite going to cut it?

Add a statement piece.

If you’re looking for a dramatic effect, adding a statement piece in the color of your choice will do wonders for transforming your space.

Choose something larger that’s ready for a makeover, and either replace or refinish it. Things that make the most dramatic changes are furniture pieces — sofas, chairs, or rugs.

These statement colors will do best when paired with smaller nods to the color. For example, if your rug is a rich brown, mirror that color in wall art that has hints of rich brown. The goal isn’t to get too matchy. Look for a piece that includes the same rich tone as a secondary color so you can layer in a few hues throughout the space. If done correctly, your rug and artwork should leave you with a harmonizing space.

Be conscientious about how often you’re repeating your chosen color — too much repetition can be overwhelming, but not enough and it will go unnoticed.

A painted statement piece is also a great way to add color. Painted side tables spread color, while also making a statement. A bookcase adds dimension to space without being overpowering — books, baubles, and other accents will break up the color nicely.

Stoneside Custom Cellular Shades

Use your window treatments to instantly bring 2021 into your home.

Your window treatments can be more than just functional. Bring in your 2021 color palette of choice by adding a window treatment that fits with your updated space. With over 300 fabrics to choose from, our designer can help you select the perfect drapery or shades.

Want to carry the natural theme throughout your home? We offer real wood blinds in a variety of finishes, an ideal companion for this season’s earthy greens, blues, and terracottas.

At Stoneside, we want you to have the power of choice. Choose the right color, the right style, and the right functionality for your home. No matter your style or function goals, you’re sure to find just the right fit for your 2021 color palette.

Schedule your free design consultation to find out more about how the right window treatments can transform your home.

Whether you’re excited to try out 2021’s color trends or keep things classic, our design experts are here to help you select custom window coverings you’ll love for years to come.