Enjoy Your Large Windows More With the Right Window Coverings

Large windows are typically considered a desirable feature in a home. If you live somewhere with sizable windows, you understand why: they come with several wonderful benefits.

Large windows, first and foremost, bring lots of natural light into a home. Natural light is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it’s also good for your health. Compared to the artificial light from bulbs, exposure to natural light is better for a person’s overall mood, quality of sleep, and levels of vitamin D. Natural light also brings warmth into a home, helping regulate the temperature of a home, especially in cooler months. Plus, large windows have the added advantage of making ceilings look taller and rooms look more spacious. And if you live somewhere with a beautiful view, there’s no better way to appreciate it than through a large pane of glass.

However, large windows aren’t without their drawbacks. Everything that makes them enjoyable can, in certain circumstances, be the exact things that make them disadvantageous. All that natural light can become annoying when you’re trying to sleep in, or when it results in a bright glare on your television. All that warmth from the sun can cause discomfort and expensive energy bills during the peak of summer, and during cold months the windows can also let in the frigid air. And an epic view of the outside world can also be an invasive view into your home, creating difficulty in moments where you want more privacy.

Luckily, you don’t have to be at the mercy of large windows. With the right window coverings, you can ensure that you reap all the benefits while easily mitigating any issues large windows may cause. Here are a few tips for using window treatments to get the most out of your large windows.

Make sure they don’t disrupt your routines.

Depending on which room your large windows are in, you’ll want to consider how all the light they bring in may affect your daily life. If you have big windows in your bedroom, for example, you might want to consider blackout drapes to ensure you’re not awoken by dawn each morning. If they are in your living room, you’ll probably want a product that can prevent glaring light on your TV screen without completely blocking the light, such as roller shades, solar shades, or cellular shades.

Make a room look even larger.

Large windows already make a room look more spacious, but it doesn’t have to stop there. To really maximize the benefit of opening a space, hang drapes above the top of a large window, drawing the eye up and creating the illusion of floor to ceiling windows if yours aren’t quite that large.

Preserve that incredible view.

Want to block glaring light from your large windows, but keep your amazing view intact? Solar shades can be a perfect solution for large windows, blocking out UV rays and glare without blocking your vision to the outside world.

Keep rooms with large windows cozy.

One of the biggest drawbacks of large windows is that they can have a huge effect on the temperature of a room, bringing in the cold or heat through uninsulated glass panes. This can not only be uncomfortable but it drives up energy bills as your appliances work overtime to fix the climate. Luckily, window treatments help insulate windows of all sizes. Cellular shades are particularly renowned for their ability to keep warm and cool air regulated in a room, with a design that holds pockets of air at the window instead of letting unwanted temperatures in.

Large windows are an asset and, when used well, you’ll never have to worry about them becoming a problem. Carefully considering what window treatment is used to dress large windows will ensure your home remains well lit, comfortable, and stylish.

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