Give Your Home The Perfect Look With These Rustic Window Treatments

Various styles of rustic home design have seen a huge surge in popularity over recent years, and not just in country homes. Farmhouse revival, French country, and other rustic styles have become popular in spaces as diverse as suburban mansions, urban apartments, and even dental offices. In our opinion, it’s all for a good reason. Nothing beats the charm of barn doors, antiqued wood, and the subdued color palettes that define the rustic style.

When it comes to window treatments that bring rustic charm to a home, there’s a wide variety of custom options to choose from. From elegant and luxurious custom drapery that calls to mind a classic French chateau to minimal roller blinds that seamlessly blend in with farmhouse chic decor, we’ve selected some of our favorite rustic window treatments that will give your home a perfectly cozy, country-inspired look.

Classic French country

French Country decor is inspired by the beauty of the French countryside, specifically the beautiful landscapes of Provence. Hallmarks of the style include color palettes inspired by natural tones such as sage green and lavender, floral patterns that reflect the landscape, and antiqued finishes that give everything a rustic feel.

This custom drapery features classic French country style in a modern setting. Floor-to-ceiling panels create a dramatic sense of height, making the room feel taller and more spacious like a French chateau. A natural and neutral color palette was chosen to blend with the landscaped views, and exposed brushed bronze gives the treatment an additional rustic touch.

Rustic modern

Somewhat surprisingly, rustic charm can also take a minimalist and more modern approach. Many of our in-house designers find that homes with rustic decor benefit from window treatments that complement a room’s style while also blending into the background.

For this Portland home that features sweeping views of the surrounding landscape and rustic fixtures throughout, simple solar shades were the right choice for keeping things minimal and highlighting the spectacular views. In cases such as this, bringing the outdoors in is easiest with minimal shades that almost disappear when open. Yet they still serve a practical purpose and are made even more convenient with discreet motorization.

Transitional shades

Transitional shades, which are also sometimes called zebra shades due to their signature stripes, come in a variety of materials that can go with any style of rustic decor. A combination of sheer fabric and solid stripes, they are fully adjustable and add a modern accent to any room.

For this Houston space, they were chosen primarily for practical purposes. When closed, they can still let in a significant amount of light while maintaining a good amount of privacy. Additionally, the dramatic light that filters through their signature slats brings to mind the similar effect created by sunbeams filtering through the widespread slats of a rustic barn.

Subdued charm

Even for larger windows, the simplest window treatments can often work the best to create a rustic feel. These simple pleated panels in a neutral shade add texture to the room without becoming overwhelming and could be compatible with rustic styles of all types. One key takeaway here is to remember to pair metal finishes in your custom window treatments with the same, or complementary, finishes found in the rest of the space. Because exposed hardware is such a signature component of rustic furniture and home decor, it makes sense to echo that statement when it comes to window treatments.

Country chic is easy to achieve

With custom window treatments, the opportunities for bringing rustic charm to your home are endless. Whether your home’s style is already well-defined or you’re working with a blank slate, one of our professional designers can help bring a country chic look to your space. From choosing a design that highlights views of nature to selecting textures and colors that stay true to nature, custom treatments offer the most flexibility. To start your design process, book a free in-home consultation with one of our designers today.