How to Choose an Alternative to Mini Blinds for Your Home Windows

You might be surprised by mini blinds. Based on their name, you may think that they are a small version of a set of blinds that is cut to fit your tiniest windows. That is not the case. Mini blinds are actually normally-sized installations made of smaller slats that are typically half the width of standard blinds slats: about one inch wide or less. Though this style of window treatment comes with some benefits, they come with some disadvantages that may push some homeowners to look for an alternative to mini blinds for their windows.

Mini blinds are most frequently made of aluminum, though sometimes they can be made with vinyl. These materials highlight one of the key features of mini blinds: they are a budget option. The drawbacks of mini blinds, however, aren’t slight. For one, the small size of the slats means that even when they are tilted open, they give little visibility to the outside world. Aluminum mini blinds’ metallic nature can also render them noisy, and overall mini blinds are not a very fashionable option. What you save in money with a cost-conscious window treatment option, you lose in modern style and customization options.

There are undeniable advantages of mini blinds—they are durable, lightweight, easy to clean, and they are great at blocking light. Yet these advantages can be achieved with an alternative to mini blinds that doesn’t require sacrificing style, customization, and window visibility. Here are a few options that provide the same great coverage of mini blinds, with even more perks than the basic treatment.

Mini blinds are durable, easy to clean, and resistant to moisture. So are faux wood blinds.

With their aluminum or vinyl makeup, mini blinds can honestly boast that they are easy to clean and are the most resistant to moisture. Yet they are far from the only style of window treatment that can achieve this. One example is blinds made of faux wood. With thicker, more stylish slats, faux wood blinds provide the classic look of wood blinds while being better suited to handle moisture. Not to mention, faux wood blinds are also more affordable than their true wood counterparts. This makes them an ideal choice for homeowners who want durable blinds that are easy to clean that will also help give their home a more elegant look.

Mini blinds inhibit visibility. Solar shades do the opposite.

As mentioned above, a notable drawback of mini blinds is that their small slat size means that, even when turned opened, the slat openings don’t provide much visibility outside of the window. For those who have a beautiful view they want to keep intact, even when blocking out some light, mini blinds aren’t the best option. A better choice is solar shades, which are simple roller shades made with special UV blocking fabric. This type of window covering can block out bright light during the day while preserving the view, even when pulled down.

Mini blinds block out light well. So do treatments made with blackout fabric.

If the goal of your window treatments was to block out lots of light, then mini blinds are a good option due to their opaque materials.. However, shades and drapes made with blackout fabric can do an even better job at keeping out unwanted light, because light won’t be able to creep through slats or holes for cords that you find in most mini blinds.

Shades and drapes are more aesthetically pleasing than mini blinds, too, and with shades, there are a few different types that come with blackout options. In addition to simple roller shades, Roman shades block out light well with elegant folds of fabric, and cellular shades can both block light and provide insulation with their honeycomb composition. All these fabric options are more stylish than aluminum and vinyl mini blinds while being just as effective.

Of course, the biggest reason to hesitate before buying mini blinds is that they aren’t as attractive as so many other options on the market are. For modern homeowners looking to elevate the look of a home, investing in custom window treatments that fit the design of the various rooms of your home instead of opting for a one-size-fits-all solution is a better option.

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