How to Choose the Right Roller Shades to Accentuate Your Industrial-Chic Home

In the world of interior design, industrial chic is all the rage right now. As you can tell from its name, the utilitarian design style takes its inspiration from industrial spaces, especially the look of Industrial Revolution-era factories. That means homes that embrace this style feature raw materials like exposed brick and beams, metal accents and reclaimed woods, and they tend to be relatively minimalist. Of course, they are also chic, and industrial style homes differentiate themselves from their factory predecessors by incorporating high-quality, sometimes vintage, pieces throughout to elevate the raw materials into aspirational simplicity.

Industrial chic design became popular in the late 2000's as more people moved back to urban and cities and began renovating industrial spaces like warehouses for residential use. Sought after architectural elements like exposed wooden beams, giant industrial windows, and steel accents brought a sleekness to the home space, while accessories and furniture helped make these stark spaces feel homey - think overstuffed leather sectionals, cozy textured rugs, and fun accent throw pillows.

Like all minimalist design styles, lighting also plays a huge role in industrial chic homes. The right lighting helps these spaces feel open and welcoming instead of drab and gloomy. Often industrial-chic lighting is associated with lots of natural light and complemented by vintage-style light fixtures and Edison light bulbs.

However, getting the window treatments right in a home is just as important as choosing the perfect lamp or lighting fixtures. Though it’s true with any home, the wrong window covering in the simple setting of an industrial-chic home can be especially noticeable, standing out from the otherwise cohesive look. And while a few different types of treatments can work well in industrial style homes, the standout candidate is, without a doubt, roller shades.

Roller shades are aesthetically simple since they are a flat piece of fabric that can be pulled down over a window or rolled up to let in light. This is one reason they work so well with industrial chic, which focuses on clean lines, minimal decor, and utilizing the existing architectural touches in a space. Of course, not all roller shades are the same and some will be better suited to this home style than others. Here are a few ways to know which type of roller shades will look best in your industrial-chic home.

Natural colors can help roller shades blend in seamlessly.

Natural materials are a definitive element of industrial design, so corresponding natural colors are a perfect fit for their window treatment. Greys and charcoals are great choices, as are natural browns and creamy whites. Plus, if you want to balance out an industrial room, these colors can help. If you’ve got, for example, a lot of wood furniture and exposed beams, but little metal in place, a simple grey roller shade can bring the same color palette so that the wood isn’t the only tone present in the room. Even better, roller shades can come with top treatments made of wood or metallic materials that can add an industrial accent to whatever color shade you choose.

An accent color can make sure your “industrial” is unique.

Though it’s hard to go wrong with neutral tones, a bright color can help balance an industrial-chic room as well. Depending on the other design elements in your home, an industrial style can sometimes lean a little too close to its factory origins and look somewhat dull. A solid accent color on a roller shade can add some style without sacrificing the tone of the room.

Solar shades can let in natural light and protect the view.

Industrial chic style is often considered eco-friendly because of its use of reclaimed and recycled materials, and many who opt for the look are fans of green living. That’s one reason solar shades can also be a smart choice for industrial chic rooms. This specific version of the classic roller shade is made with special fabric that blocks out UV rays. Doing so not only diffuses light while letting you still see outside, but it also reduces energy spending. This benefit of solar shades means they not only match the look of simple natural colors, but they also fit the philosophy of industrial design.

Roller shades come in hundreds of different colors and textures to perfectly suit this design style. To see some examples, check out our collection of roller shades. And if you want to get more specific insights on which style is best for your home, schedule a free consultation with one of our designers.