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How to Layer Window Treatments Like a Pro

By: Natalie Elmhurst

Updated: 5/26/2023

Window treatments can act as an essential part of your home’s interior design and atmosphere. When layered together, you can make a space stand out, function for a new season, and everything in between.

Layering your window treatments will not only contribute to the stunning look of your interior, but it will also offer you many different advantages: more versatility, better light control, increased privacy, and optimal energy efficiency.

So where to start? How can you properly layer your window treatments? There are many options available to you and today we will focus on four different ways you can go about the layering process.

Which Window Treatments Should You Layer?

Stoneside Custom Drapery and Roman Shades

1. Roman Shades and Drapery

This is a favorite amongst interior designers, especially when it comes to dressing bedrooms and their windows.

Combining roman shades and drapery provides a warmer and cozier look to the room while being very efficient at the same time. Using these two window treatments together offers a lot of possibilities for controlling the amount of light that you want to let into the room. They will provide complete privacy at night and will block out all lights for a great and deep sleep.

To make the best out of your drapery and create a stronger and more dramatic visual, make sure to get them floor-length and wider than the actual windows. You won’t be disappointed by the wide selection of textures and colors available for both roman shades and drapery.

2. Sheer Drapery and Shades

Layering shades with sheer draperies provide a more spacious and airy impression. This is perfect if you are looking to brighten up a room.

By putting those two window treatments together you will be better equipped to filter just the right amount of light inside the room throughout the day.

Furthermore, by leaving the shades open and only using the sheer draperies, you will filter out the bright sun while still being able to enjoy the natural light. By lowering the shades and closing the drapery, you will then create a more private environment.

3. Opaque Drapery and Sheer Drapery

A very popular option includes layering two types of draperies: one opaque and one sheer. It is a classic style that will appear less heavy thanks to the lightness of the sheer drapery. We recommend hanging your drapery higher than the windows which will create a more elegant look.

4. Draperies and Valances

Adding a valance to your main window treatment will cover the hardware and provide a finished and sophisticated appearance to your entire interior design. It will also prevent any light from entering from the top of the window.

Stoneside Custom Drapery

Which Colors Should You Choose?

Now that you know which types of window treatments you can layer together, let’s look into picking the right colors for both of them.

Stoneside Custom Drapery and Valances

1. Bold and Neutral Colors

One option is to pick one of the window treatments in a bold color or a busy pattern and get the other one in a more neutral, lighter tone. The neutral window treatment will help highlight and bring the focus on the busier, bolder pattern.

2. Pick a Focus Color

You can also pick one color palette and get different shades of that one color to bring more depth. It will look coherent and both colors will support each other since they are from the same palette.

3. Same Color and Same Texture

For a uniform look, you can go for a more classic choice and pick both window treatments in the same color and texture.

Are you ready to bring intensity and attention to your interior? Get in touch with our team of experts to pick the best combination for your rooms!