Here's Why Our Professional Blind Installation Team Is Rated #1 in the U.S.

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5-star ratings from 98% of our clients, plus best-in-the-business titles from major publications

Recently, Better Homes & Gardens rated us the company with the #1 custom blinds. And it wasn't just about our product - it has a lot to do with our customer service.

"With Stoneside Blinds & Shades, you can be sure you're getting the best service possible - 98% of reviewers on Trustpilot gave the company an "excellent" rating for an average score of 4.9 out of 5 stars."

Better Homes & Gardens

But how do we do it?

Stoneside created the best custom window treatment installation team by transforming our business model.

Hiring our own team of professionals

In the early days of Stoneside, we subcontracted out installers and designers (like many other national brands and box stores still do today). But oftentimes, this makes business strictly transactional. With subcontractors paid per job, you risk installers who are primarily focused on speed rather than the customer experience.

Instead, we decided to hire our own professionals, and we built teams of installation experts in house. Our installers know our products inside and out, have spare parts at the ready, and know exactly how to best handle any installation.

Our Stoneside installers are confident, capable, and specialized. And our specialists all have their zone of genius. Why does this matter? Imagine going to a brain surgeon for a broken arm. Both are doctors, sure. But the right expertise matters. You need to have professional experts that are specialized in the right service and products.

Having our own specialists for custom window installations and personal designers meant we weren't trusting our customers to subcontractors that didn't know our products and didn't have the same values.

Focus on company culture

There was a gap for customers. At the time, the majority of shade and blind installations across the industry earned an average of a 3 or 3.5 customer rating.

We knew that we could do something different.

We hired our own installers and designers so we could have our own specialized professionals for Stoneside. But how could having our own team affect the client experience beyond the hands-on skill and expert knowledge?

We knew - itss all about a foundation of positive company culture and values. When we hired our professional teams, we focused our intentions inward, and created a company culture of respect, value, and support.

Now, keeping company culture a top priority is even more important with more team members working remotely. Building such a strong foundation leads to loyal, proud team members, who are inspired to give customers a higher standard of customer service.

Having a foundation of company culture and values matters.

Imagine getting your shades or blinds installed by a team that is highly trained, valued, and feels respect and community from the company they work for. With this individual as your installer, you won't be subject to an experience from someone whose top priority is to get in and out as quickly as possible.

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Instead, our window treatment installation teams take pride in their work. They enjoy their time with you as the customer. And they’re committed to delivering the final piece of the puzzle to ensure you’re over-the-moon happy with your new custom window treatments.

It’s incredibly important to us here at Stoneside to be a company that does more than just install blinds and shades. In a recent article on Forbes, our CEO Mickey Fain had the opportunity to go into detail about what creating good company culture looks like. We have a team, a community of like-minded people who believe in our values — and it shows in our customer service.

Should I install my own window blinds or hire a professional?

If you’re looking for cost-effectiveness, you can try using big box store options. But if you’re looking for high-quality window treatments you won’t need to replace soon after they’re installed, we definitely recommend hiring a professional. Plus, you never know if your window may need something specific.

Every window is different. Even if you do the research, watch videos on YouTube, and try to do it yourself, your window will be different. There is nothing quite like getting a professional experience — our customers are not professional blind and shade installers, and as such, they don’t have the expert knowledge and experience our team does.

Our experts know the hardware, the process, the product, and will be familiar with your windows. They have the company culture that supports them and inspires a job well done.

Our team takes pride in what they do. Our installers aren’t incentivized by how many windows they can do in a day, how quickly they can go from job to job. They’re incentivized by happy clients. They want you to be thrilled — and they don’t leave until you are.

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Finding custom window treatments and professional shade and blind installation near you

Finding professionals to come to install your blinds or shades is more convenient with Stoneside. We have locations in over 91 US cities, and we send our installers directly to your house.

They won’t be nameless, either. It’s not like a furniture delivery company, where your sofa gets brought in and dropped off — but you don’t know the stranger you just let into your house. Like most of our customers who leave reviews, you’ll know your installers by name.

Our window treatment installation experts are focused on the experience. And with locations spread across the country, you’ll be able to experience a top-rated Stoneside installation for yourself.

The process of professional installation: standing out against competitors

After your initial personal consultation, our installer goes personally to your house. Getting measurements from our team (and double-checking them!) is automatically a part of our process to ensure we get the specifications exactly right for your windows.

Once our manufacturer is finished creating your blinds or shades, our installer will again personally come to your home to install your window treatments. So what does that mean? This is a hands-free process for you — we’ll (literally) do all the heavy lifting. (And the cleanup.)

This process is all about creating a personalized, customized experience for our clients. We know you’re worth the extra effort, and it shows in our service.

Creating an experience beyond expectations

As is evident in our reviews, our team inspires a loyal customer base, and we’ve been rated the best custom blinds available.

But it’s so much more than high-quality products. Customer service is about listening, understanding, and communicating. By prioritizing our customers in this way, they’re never unsure of what to expect. They understand what their options are and what will work best for them — and they know exactly who to contact if they have questions.

That’s right — no 1-800 number or generic customer service line here. When you partner with Stoneside, you have a direct line of access to your local team members.

Most competitors simply don’t have that capability because they don’t have an installation team built from the ground up with company culture and values in mind.

But at Stoneside, we know there’s a better way. We support our team, and they support you. We can’t wait to have our team members give you the installation experience you deserve.

If you’re ready to have a better experience with window treatment installation, reach out now and book your free consultation.