Remote Control Blinds: Bring Your Bedroom Into The 21st Century

With smart appliances, voice-powered home assistants, and automated heating and lighting all becoming standard home upgrades, it’s no wonder we’re also seeing a surge of popularity when it comes to custom remote control blinds. Once limited to a few designs with limited colors and styles, the options for remote control blinds have exploded over the past few years. But what are the advantages of installing these high-tech blinds in the first place?


First and foremost, having remote control blinds at home is simply convenient. Creating a daily schedule for them to be adjusted throughout the day is likely the factor users enjoy the most. This removes the hassle of opening and closing window coverings throughout the day based on changing lighting and privacy preferences. In fact, one of the most exciting features new remote control blind owners often discover is that they can wake up more naturally by setting their bedroom blinds to open up automatically in the morning. Operating blinds remotely also gives you an added level of security at home since you’re able to control privacy even when you’re stuck at work late or away on vacation.

Energy efficiency

Not surprisingly, automating your blinds to open and close at different times throughout the day can have a big impact on your home’s efficiency. Programming shades to let in a maximum amount of light in the winter and doing the opposite in summer can save significantly on heating and cooling costs. Considering that 30% of your home’s heating and cooling waste happens through your windows, those savings can be a big deal. Pairing automation with highly insulating blinds such as cellular shades can help have an even bigger impact.


You’ve probably experienced blinds becoming completely broken or at least damaged sooner than you’d like them to. With remote control blinds and coverings, window treatments can actually last much longer because motorization helps cut down on the wear and tear that occurs with regular handling. For this reason, motorized blinds also tend to stay cleaner longer and you can even set up a regular cleaning schedule with reminders to help keep them that way.


Today’s remote control blinds are compatible with nearly every type of home automation device, including Amazon Echo and all devices that run on Android and iOS. This makes them easy to control with hundreds of different apps and devices. They’re also compatible with any type of home setup. Though most remote control blinds utilize a long-lasting battery, hardwired versions are also available. Our installation professionals can work with your electrician or home automation contractor to make sure they install seamlessly with your existing home automation system. To learn more about integrating smarter window treatments into your home, download our free eBook.

Investing in quality remote control blinds is one of the most significant smart home upgrades you can make. Keep in mind, however, that you get what you pay for. Many remote control blinds on the market are either poorly engineered or fail to integrate seamlessly with existing home automation systems, rendering them less useful overall. Working with an experienced window treatment specialist is the best way to ensure the remote control blinds you decide to invest in are both compatible and durable. To learn more about remote control blind options for your home, schedule a free virtual consultation with one of our design specialists today.