The Best Blinds for Privacy

One of the essential functions of window treatments is providing a sense of privacy in your home. You want the option to look out of your windows and enjoy the view whenever you want, but there are also times when you want to cocoon yourself away from bright lights, nearby neighbors, or busy streets. The right blinds can offer you valuable privacy without sacrificing style or quality—they enhance, not detract, from your home’s design aesthetic. With the wide variety of materials, colors, and add-on options to choose from, blinds can be customizable for any type of home, and any kind of budget.

To pick the best blinds that afford privacy, it’s helpful to understand the different types of blinds available.

Wood Blinds

Wood blinds are classics for a reason. This timeless window treatment makes a clean, polished statement on its own while it can also be paired with valances or drapes for a unique look. Contemporary wood blinds are available in many different stains or paint colors for complete design flexibility.


Composite Wood Blinds

Made from a special blend of wood and other materials, composite wood blinds are built to last and are ideal for rooms with heat and humidity. They are easy to clean and care for when compared to traditional wood blinds; just use mild soap and water. (Wood blinds can warp if they get wet, so they need to be dusted with a dry cloth and then cleaned with polish meant for wood furniture.)


Faux Wood Blinds

You’d be hard pressed to tell the difference between high-quality faux wood blinds and the real thing. They look just as natural as true wood, come in a diverse range of colors, and are crafted for durability.


Vertical Blinds

The opposite of horizontal slats, vertical blinds create a graceful, rippling effect. These blinds come in traditional vinyl; you can also find them in different fabrics and an updated “s-louver” for greater design versatility. Adding to their adaptability: vertical blinds can be opened from one side or from parting them down the middle in what’s called a “split-draw” system.


Choosing Blinds for Privacy

Privacy is one of the main considerations for people who are buying new window treatments. First, think about the location of your windows. Street-facing windows will call for blinds that provide privacy, and so will any bathroom or bedroom windows that can be seen from a neighbor’s house or yard. For the bathroom, faux wood or composite wood blinds would be good choices because they can withstand moisture better than the real wood version.

The type of window will also be a factor. Picture windows that are the focal point of a room benefit from elaborate treatments where draperies and blinds work in tandem to create strong visual appeal. Long vertical blinds are ideal for sliding doors or floor-to-ceiling windows. Bedroom windows of any size need blackout blinds, which are the most effective at providing privacy as well as blocking light for a sound night of sleep. Because blinds by their nature have gaps between the slats or louvers which will let in some light, they are best paired with a blackout drapery to achieve true blackout functionality. Blinds work well for any window shape, as they can be custom cut to fit.

It’s easy to control visibility with blinds. Those with horizontal slats can be raised all the way to let in light, and when you want more privacy, you can lower the entire blind and either open or close the slats—it’s all about your preference. The process is even easier when you opt for motorization features that allow you to operate your blinds via remote control, voice control, or your smartphone or tablet. You can also program your blinds to automatically close at night or during other times when you want to ensure complete seclusion.

Another way to customize your blinds for maximum privacy is by choosing the size of the slats. Generally, the smaller the slat, the less room there is for anyone to peek through it. For instance, typical wood blind slats come in sizes ranging from 1” to 2 ½”. You can also opt to add on features such as Light-Ban, which eliminates the visible cord holes on blinds, giving you an even greater sense of privacy.

Because there are so many factors to take into account when purchasing blinds for your home, it’s wise to seek out a professional company that specializes in custom window treatments. Stoneside provides free, in-home design consultations, so you can learn more about the best type of blinds for your needs and offers project oversight from start to finish to guarantee that you are satisfied with the result. With so many high-quality, U.S.-made blinds to choose from, you are sure to find the right fit for creating privacy—and peace of mind—in your home.

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