The Best Modern Window Treatments for Your Home

The modern home aesthetic is popular among homeowners who want to create a timeless look that feels fresh without being too trendy or traditional. However, “modern” is a broad category that includes a lot of popular styles: mid-century modern, urban modern, country modern, and more. All these modern design styles share some common traits: minimalism, clean lines, and simple color palettes. In modern homes, you’re unlikely to find fabrics with busy patterns or textures, but you will find popular materials like metal, glass, and steel. Walls, furniture, and other design elements are most likely to be neutrals such as white and beige, though some bright accent colors may be found on small pieces throughout the home, too.

Of course, the many different modern home design styles all have unique characteristics. Mid-century modern design incorporates a more retro vibe, with lots of wood and pieces that look like they’re from the 40s, 50, and 60s of the 20th century. Meanwhile, urban modern and country modern home styles are as they sound; urban modern has a more industrial feel, while country modern is a more minimal take on the rustic farmhouse style.

Overall, simplicity is key with modern design styles. You don’t want too much going on, so when you’re choosing modern window treatments, you’ll want to make sure you choose sleek options that don’t add visual busyness. That’s why, though lush coverings like Roman shades can add beauty to a home, more opulent window treatments are not going to be a good fit for those trying to achieve a modern home aesthetic.

Below are some of the best modern window treatments that meet the criteria of this look.

Roller shades are the height of simplicity.

If you want a treatment that offers no clutter, you can’t go wrong with roller shades. Roller shades are the most basic window treatment and feature a single piece of fabric that can be lowered to various heights to cover windows, offering the simplicity that modern design requires. Along with their simplicity, roller shades offer a flexible level of customization since they can come in a variety of fabrics and opacities depending on your style and lighting needs.

Transitional shades add clean lines and light control.

Transitional shades, also known as zebra shades, feature alternating panels of sheer and opaque fabric stripes that give homeowners several different ways to adjust for light and privacy. Their stripes bring clean, horizontal lines to a room to give a modern touch without looking too busy.

Sheer drapery is minimal and elegant.

Sheer drapery is a great choice for modern and minimalist homes since they feature light and breezy fabric that lets a lot of light into a room. Though they can come in a variety of colors, they are often white, and the vertical panels add elegance without adding the sometimes over-the-top opulence of thicker drapes and shades.

Motorized blinds can streamline your home, visually and practically.

In the right context, wood or faux-wood blinds make sense with a modern home style, especially mid-century modern homes. To bring the look to the 21st century, consider getting the motorized version. Motorized blinds are visually cleaner than many other blinds options since they are cord-free. Plus, they can simplify your home by easily opening and closing with the push of a button or the flick of a wall switch; motorized wood blinds make a home modern in more than one way.

Modern style can come in a variety of specific aesthetics and can be hard to get right. Every detail matters in a modern space, and sometimes getting an expert to weigh in can make a world of difference. To find the perfect modern window treatment for your home, schedule a free consultation with one of our designers today.