Why Custom Drapery is One of the Best Curtain Alternatives

Drapes are a classic choice with timeless style and, when you decide to go custom, the options are nearly limitless. The number of fabrics, colors, and designs available for custom drapery make it one of the best curtain alternatives for any style and space. Whether you’re looking to go for a light and airy look or prefer something more luxe and layered, a professional designer can come up with custom options to achieve the look you want.

Since there are seemingly endless options when choosing custom drapery, working with a professional designer is truly essential. They can help answer questions about the different styles, materials, and light filtering options available as well come up with a design that will complement the rest of the room. A free in-home consultation will give your designer a chance to see the space you’re working with as well as understand your preferences and goals.

Your designer will then be able to get to work on designing your custom window treatments. Styles can range from simple sheers for a minimalist look to opulent layered treatments that combine drapes with elegant valances or trendy Roman shades. Once the style is established, it’s time to select colors and fabrics.

Unlike off-the-shelf curtains, custom drapery is available in hundreds of color options and a wide variety of fabric types. Your designer will recommend some color options based on your style and space, and free swatches can be ordered so you can see the actual color options in your space.

When selecting fabrics for custom drapery, it’s about both form and function. Different fabric textures can add interest to a room, such as selecting a woven jute to add a natural element to the space. Selecting the right texture is also important when considering how much light you’d like to filter through. Lightweight fabrics such as sheers can allow lots of light to filter through while still providing privacy, whereas heavier fabrics will give custom drapery a more luxurious look and also filter out more light. For rooms that require total light filtration, such as bedrooms, blackout panels can be added to any custom drapery fabric.

Why choose custom

Beyond the clear advantages that custom drapery offers when it comes to style and functionality is another important factor: precision. Standard curtains can be difficult to hem to the right height and often seem too wide, too full, or too narrow in proportion to the window or the size of the room. With a custom treatment, these problems are all easily overcome since both length and width are designed to complement the window and the room. Additionally, custom drapery can accommodate peculiar problems such as uneven floors, angled ceilings, and tight corners.

Value is also a big consideration when selecting custom drapes as curtain alternatives. While the upfront cost of custom drapery will likely be more expensive than off-the-shelf curtains, it pays off in the long run. First of all, by working with a professional designer, you’re guaranteed to end up with a design you love and will want to keep around for a long time. Furthermore, adding custom drapery to your home adds resale value, just like any other home design upgrade.

Custom drapery can also be designed to increase your home’s energy efficiency. Considering you lose 30% of your home’s heating through windows in the winter and that any sunlight coming in through the windows during the summer means more heat, window treatments are one of the easiest ways to achieve more efficient temperature regulation at home. Custom drapery naturally insulates windows but can be further engineered to keep in more heat or block out more light thanks to the wide variety of fabrics and light filtering options available.

Last but not least, custom drapery is inevitably a better quality than off-the-shelf curtains. Stoneside’s custom drapery is all 100% American-made and our nationwide network of design experts are top in their field. We make a consistent effort to source the best fabrics, hardware, and other materials to ensure your custom window treatments are as durable as they are beautiful. To get started designing your custom drapery, sign up for a risk-free virtual consultation today.