Why Custom Roman Shades Are a Perfect Fit for Your Kid’s Bedroom

By: Ava Williams

Updated: 12/7/2022

When it comes to window treatments, it’s hard to get more elegant than Roman shades. They’re said to be inspired by awnings made for the Colosseum in Ancient Rome, but modern Roman shades are anything but outdated. When you’re looking for the perfect balance of style and function, custom Roman shades can ensure both your unique practical and design needs are met with ease.

Though their traditional look is reminiscent of drapes, Roman shades have the easy functionality of roller shades and they can be customized and modernized in a variety of ways to fit any room. You can get custom Roman shades made from hundreds of different fabrics in a variety of styles and light filtering levels with an operating system that fits your needs. In addition to a personalized look, customization ensures your shades will fit any window like a glove.

That’s what makes Roman shades a perfect fit for a kid’s bedroom or playroom. Kids’ rooms have unique requirements in terms of style and safety, so the ability to customize window treatments to meet those needs is crucial.

What Makes Custom Roman Shades Unique?

In some cases, roman shades look similar to roller shades when they are fully extended, like a flat piece of fabric that covers the window. Once retracted, though, Roman shades really shine -- and not just because of the sunlight coming in. Unlike simpler shade styles, Roman shades fold their fabric into several pleats so that when pulled up to any level, they create lovely layers of fabric that hang gracefully over the window.

Custom Roman shades can be made with countless different fabric styles, which means they can be made to match the aesthetic of any room. Their soft, traditional look goes especially well in a child’s room, as opposed to the sleek and modern window treatment you might want elsewhere in the home. Of course, it’s not just their style that makes Roman shades well suited to children’s rooms; it’s also their functional features.

Don’t Let Light Disrupt Kids’ Sleep – or Yours

Custom Roman shades can be made with many different levels of light filtering, whether you want a sheer look or the blackout option. The latter choice is a huge advantage in kids’ bedrooms because blackout shades help parents make sure all light is blocked from the windows at night. That means sensitive young sleepers won’t be kept awake by garage or street lights. Even better, blackout shades prevent kids from being woken up by morning rays coming through the window at dawn. The last thing a parent needs is their kids waking up with the sun on a Saturday morning!

Customization Ensures Safety

When considering window treatments for a kid’s rooms, the most important factor for any parent is safety. Historically, many off-the-shelf brands have had serious design flaws that made various blinds and shades a precarious safety hazard for kids and pets. That’s why it’s important that parents take special care to choose window treatments that meet the necessary safety standards. Custom Roman shades are a great way to achieve this, with plenty of cordless options to choose from. They can also be brought fully from Ancient Rome to the modern age with motorization, allowing you to control them with a remote, smartphone, or home automation system that gives parents full and easy control.

As you determine which type of window treatment to install in your kid’s bedroom, consider custom Roman shades as a fool-proof option. With a classic look and countless options for implementation, you can make these shades the perfect fit to any specifications you have. With lighting you can fully control and design customized for safety, these window treatments can make sure both the kids and adults in your home sleep easy every night.

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