Stoneside Custom Roller Shades for Two-Story Windows

Window Treatments for Two-Story Windows

We can probably all agree that two-story windows give a wow-effect to any home. This detail brings a unique character and energy to your space as a whole.

With that being said, two-story windows can also be tricky, especially when it comes to picking window treatments. Let's explore some options for dressing two-story windows!

Before getting into it, let’s talk first about why you would want and need to dress your two-story windows:

  • To bring the necessary privacy you need in the room
  • To control the amount of sunlight coming in through the windows on bright sunny days
  • To protect your interior such as your furniture or wood floor from damaging UV rays
  • To avoid losing too much heat out the windows and help reduce your energy bills by making your home more energy-efficient

Let’s look at different two-story window treatments that you can install to make the best out of this beautiful architectural feature.

1. Custom roman shades or roller shades on each window

One of the easiest options is to dress the bottom and top windows with roman shades or roller shades. You can have them custom-made to fit each window perfectly, which will allow you to provide privacy to the room when needed while creating a uniform look.

Roman shades and roller blinds are two very versatile options as they come in different fabrics and colors, so you will surely find something that fits your taste.

2. Only dress the bottom window

Depending on the situation, it's possible that not all windows need to be dressed. If it isn’t a bedroom, for example, you may have more flexibility and might decide to only add window treatments to the bottom window. You will then still be enjoying some privacy while allowing natural light to come in from the top.

If you only have one window to dress, you can then pick your favorite option: roman shades, roller shades, drapery, or, as shown below, transitional shades.

Stoneside Custom Transitional Shades for Two-Story Windows

3. Layering shades with long drapery

Layering window treatments offer many advantages. Not only is it aesthetically appealing, but it also offers you more flexibility in terms of the amount of light you will let in throughout the day. Another great advantage is that it is a very energy-efficient option which will help you to keep the temperature of the room constant.

For two-story windows, we love the combination of layering shades with long drapes that go to the floor.

This also allows you to play with colors and tones. Whether you want to mix two different natural tones or add a pop of color, you will end up creating a strong statement and give a cozy feeling to the room.

Stoneside Custom Roller Shades and Drapery for Two-Story Windows

4. Choose automated shades

You won’t regret going for automated shades for your two-story windows. They are extremely convenient and will be worth the investment, especially for these high, hard-to-reach windows. With just one button and no cords dangling, you will be able to open or close your shades in seconds.